TSA Revealed The Most Ridiculous Items Confiscated In 2017.

TSA Revealed The Most Ridiculous Items Confiscated In 2017. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Flying is great, but not when you’re having to go through security. Not one person enjoys waiting in long lines, or stripping down to show that they’re not strapped with a bomb. But, there are reasons we need TSA, and their Instagram account definitely proves that.

Brass knuckles were invented in the 18th century, and they’ve come a long way since then. Having the perfect face-punching, smooth piece of metal wasn’t quite enough. They had to combine that with a meat tenderizer, too! Luckily, this one was found in someone’s carry-on bag at Buffalo Airport. Make sure that if you’re traveling with industrial tools, you put them in your checked luggage.

We can’t seem to think of a reason why anyone would need to bring a sickle on a plane. Maybe the guy was a farmer and the sickle was his lucky tool that brought him good fortune. He could also be auditioning for a horror flick and thought it would look good if he brought his own props. We assumed that airplanes were sure to be safe from predators. Maybe we were wrong.

It’s pretty safe to assume that if someone is carrying around a can of bear-deterrent spray at an airport, then they’ve probably been attacked before and are suffering from PTSD. We understand the need to be safe no matter where you are, but we feel pretty confident that a plane cabin has been checked for bears before take-off. You may be a huge fan of ninja movies, but the TSA doesn’t want you bringing props on board.

It’s been quite a long time since knives and blades were allowed on a plane. Throwing stars are pretty much a bunch of fancy blades that are connected in the middle. It would only make sense that they were banned, as well. People don’t seem to care too much about that little rule, do they? If you think that a bunch of garbage glued together is art, we’ve got a picture for you.

When the person was asked why they brought this onto a plane at Milwaukee Airport, they said that it was an art project. We’re certainly not here to judge, but how could they possibly think they’d get this through security? Freedom of expression is great, but we’re not sure that this applies. Don’t want TSA groping you? Try not hiding things on your body.

A lot of people unknowingly pack banned items all the time. But, there’s a difference between an accident, and intentionally hiding them on your body. This isn’t the brightest idea. You may think you have a great hiding spot, but just don’t risk it. Doing so could get you a serious fine or even a trip to jail! We understand that buying souvenirs is expected during travel, but some should just stay where they are.

Knives seem to be a big problem. It’s obvious that this carved bone is a pretty impressive piece. But, according to the TSA, no matter how beautiful this is, it’s still a decent-sized knife. This particular one was found in a carry-on at Baltimore Airport. This next one will show you exactly why TSA was created.

It goes without question, that most people would need a change of clothes if they found a claymore mine and a bomb vest in someone’s luggage. These particular items were training aids brought by an explosive ordnance disposal contractor. But TSA still had a job to do, so they put everything to a halt in order to determine the threat level. The creativity in the next one is almost admirable…Almost.

It’s extremely difficult to resist the cheerful spirit of Christmas. We’re assuming that’s why this holiday traveler wrapped all of their pounds of heroin with festive Christmas paper. We bet they thought that TSA would never mess with someone’s gifts. They were apparently very wrong. This person was caught at LAX. It may surprise you, but did you know, that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t matter on an airplane?

It’s no secret that Americans love guns. So it’s not really surprising that so many travelers want to take their beloved guns on the plane. But where’s the common sense? Even though there are strict guidelines that have to be followed, guns can be brought on planes, just as long as they’re in checked baggage. Apparently, there are people who don’t have enough sense to leave flammable liquids at home.

TSA is usually a little less strict when it comes to checked bags, as opposed to carry-on luggage. But even luggage in cargo has its own limits. Like, no matter how bad you want to bring your propane tank, you’ll just have to stop and get one before your BBQ because they’re absolutely not allowed at the Anchorage Airport. Why would anyone think that bringing things that look like explosives would be a good idea?

Military aficionados seem to enjoy collecting inert grenades. Unfortunately, without looking closely, it’s hard to tell the difference between an inert grenade, and a live one. When something like this is found, flights would be delayed and evacuations would happen. At least until they figured out what was going on. So just say no to grenades. The next time you need some light, just use your phone.

Since this oil lamp was discovered at the San Diego Airport, we’d say that it’s safe to assume it belonged to some hipster who thought it would be cool to go back to the time when there was no technology to suck us in. It doesn’t really matter who brought it, though. We just hope they learned not to do it again. This next item might make you look cool to some, but TSA doesn’t agree.

If you enjoy buying really silly, cheap novelty items, then this rifle-shaped umbrella is definitely for you. But you wouldn’t exactly be able to bring it with you across the country. TSA has a rule that says that anything that even looks like a rifle isn’t permitted on the plane. If you’re not a fan of 4th of July firecrackers you should just stay home.

Fireworks – also known as massive explosives – are forbidden from not only the carry-on luggage but the checked luggage, as well. A passenger at Louisville Airport didn’t seem to care about that, though. He put the fireworks inside a glued energy drink box and tried to sneak them on the plane. Terrible idea. Remember TSA is always watching.

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