28 “Badass” T-Shirts People Wore In Public

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These guys with their shirts, Fedora hats, and cargo pants are probably going to be major chick magnets.

Ah, people. They’re famous for being opinionated and often out of touch with reality. But let’s face it, there are some folks who are totally woke. Instead of telling you what’s on their minds directly, they tell you with words written on their ultra "badass" t-shirts. Now some people might not take kindly to some of these messages. They may even find themselves shocked and appalled. But you have to give these t-shirt wearers credit for having the guts to wear these in public.NOT! These are the kind of men that every father dreads their daughters will meet. Fortunately, their shirts will act like a major repellent against women. At least they will always have each other to make their sardine sandwiches.
ferretninja91 / Reddit

Oh, well, we’re sure that the guy downstairs is probably shaking in his boots or laughing his horns off.

He probably expects to see literal goosebumps forming on people’s arms when they read what’s on his shirt. But despite the whole tough macho vibe, he’s probably the type that goes around, yelling at people on the road.
daisiebee123 / Reddit

He might seem like a regular pastor who’s off-duty, but this guy thinks he’s some sort of superhero.

The back of his shirt shows pride in his work. Maybe he’s a youth pastor who has figured out that the best way to get kids to join the congregation is to sound like he’s an evil stomping ninja with a fedora.
BroThornton / Reddit

The lesson here is that if you know an Italian you will definitely want to stay on their good side.

If you cross them, they’ll go all Vito Corleone or Tony Soprano and call their family/henchmen to fix the problem, which in this case would be you. So play nice, or else you’ll wind up like labor union leader Jimmy Hoffa.
fan0fchipotle / Reddit

No one will ever show up to this guy’s house whenever his wife plans a neighborhood get-together.

She’s probably a real sweetheart and also sort of courteous to us. Who else would open a door for you and personally escort you with a smile on her face? But you better dress lightly because she’ll be sending you somewhere very warm.
twalklett / Reddit

These days, everyone seems to be dissing the American flag because of the current political climate.

But if you were just visiting the United States, and you needed help packing your stuff away, you’d probably lie to this guy and tell him that the flag offends you. Then you’d know if his offer was actually legit.
unknown / Reddit

Don’t underestimate this guy just because you’ve mistakenly assumed that older people are nicer.

This man is a force to be reckoned with. He’ll be your very best friend and help you dispose of your enemies, or he’ll dispose of you if you become his ultimate betrayer. Take a chill pill, Ted Bundy!
saggywizardsleeve / Reddit

It’s difficult to imagine how anyone could take this shirt from their closet and decide to wear it.

But for some people, t-shirts with graphic messages like this one are literally their entire identity. Then again, it’s probably more of a projection of aggression so people will back off and leave him alone. Hey, it worked!
Gurneyape35 / Reddit

This one’s actually a pretty light way to poke fun at Obama’s attempt to implement gun control.

He didn’t mind taking a photo with a shirt that glorifies his muscles while lifting weights. And he managed to take a light political jab without coming off offensive. If anything, he gave people something to laugh at.

Extremists beware! This guy is going to ensure you get to the afterlife before you can do any damage.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to be a total badass when you’re showing your crack for the rest of the world to see. It’s like an endless pit. Most people would agree that he’d be the weapon of mass destruction if he breaks wind.
lionheart10801 / Reddit

When mundane farmers are desperate to be exceptional, they’ll wear t-shirts that say stuff like this.

This may be one of the silliest t-shirts we've ever seen. Who would have ever considered associating toughness with riding horses and being a farmer? But in fairness, riding a horse can also be pretty dangerous.
GeekPro101 / Reddit

You have to be a special type of mean person to wear a t-shirt that disses marathon runners.

There’s obviously something off about this guy. Whether you run a marathon or a triathlon, it takes a lot of physical and mental discipline to see these things through to the end. What made him think it would be a good idea to put this on?
Sycsa / Reddit

This guy may lead a very sedentary life, but don’t underestimate him, or you’ll lose your life.

This t-shirt is kind of odd because it’s almost like he’s admitting weakness by saying that he’s not in good enough shape to fight and yet he’s a total badass for owning something that can take someone out from a distance.
cattattattat / Reddit

He’s like the biggest badass around and fears no evil or none of that other silly stuff on his shirt.

The people in line with him probably don’t realize just how privileged they are to be standing so close to one of the coolest guys in the village. But it’s also nice to see that even someone as badass as him knows not to skip someone in line.
Silver_or_Lead / Reddit

There is legit no way that anyone would ever want to mess with this guy no matter what happens.

He should probably consider working as a bodyguard. With a body like that plus the t-shirt, a thief would have to be pretty dumb to try and rob a supermarket or department store. Even the back of his head has muscles.
AnonymousAlAssasin / Reddit

Who looks at a shirt like this and goes, "yeah, I want everyone to know these specific things?"

He’s mastered the pose of looking away while keeping his arms flexed and his shoulders up. But if you tap him on the shoulder and tell him you like his shirt, he’ll probably feel pretty freaking special.
Jackizback0 / Reddit

You’d have to get much closer than 100 meters to read the warning on the back of this guy’s shirt.

It’s funny how he’s oblivious to the people who are in fact within 100 meters of him. It’s also pretty surprising that this shirt uses metric units or that this guy even knows how to convert the units.
LetsGoGameCrocks / Reddit

Uh-Oh! You better watch out because now even the bowling alley isn’t safe for sane people.

If you go into a bowling alley and this person’s there, you better stir clear while they’re doing something they enjoy. Otherwise, they’ll unleash their inner darkness and go cray-cray. But kudos on their rendition of a happy place.
cassette_nova / Reddit

Alright! So we know that this is a hoodie and not a shirt, but he’s a total badass for wearing this.

There aren’t a lot of people who would risk ticking off the big guy upstairs. But he may not necessarily be an atheist. This is actually a quote from the film “Hellraiser.” Maybe he’s wearing the hoodie over his head because he’s really Pinhead in disguise.
PeteyChamp51 / Reddit

Watch out folks! This guy consumed one of the most widely produced and advertised products.

Big deal! So, he has a bunch of tattoos, drinks beer, and loves to eat meat. And what does he want? A prize for loving his wife? Congratulations! What an amazing inspiration to the rest of America’s youth.
ibepunkinmugs / Reddit

It’s very bold of this guy to assume that anyone would want to see any of his 3 sides to begin with.

He should keep his sides to himself. Most people don’t go through cycles of quiet, excited and angry as much as he does. Unfortunately, with this t-shirt, he’s already shown us a side we never wanted to see.
themaskedpoosader / Reddit

Shirts with long-winded messages like this one can often make people cringe when they read it.

He’s probably a military soldier who gets pumped up whenever he gets called back to active duty or when his sergeant sends him on a mission. A lot of soldiers get into this bravado mentality not realizing that’s it’s not really a personality.
mtbullard14 / Reddit

This guy thinks he’s a real badass holding a rifle and wearing a t-shirt with the confederate flag.

But anyone who knows American history, knows that it represents a time when the nation was morally questionable at best. The odd thing is that the flag represented the South and shouldn’t cover half of the United States.
Mnkeyqt / Reddit

This is a pretty ballsy t-shirt to be wearing, especially for a guy who was out playing Pokemon Go, according to a Redditor.

At least this will probably stop the guy from getting robbed while he’s out trying to catch em all. But don’t try catching any of his Pokemon because something tells us he’s the kind of guy who will hulk out on you.
NateLeport / Reddit

If you find this forklift operator’s jokes unpalatable, then you should head in the other direction.

But if you stay and he tells you a joke, you better like it or at least pretend to laugh. This is the kind of guy who has the power to lift your spirits with his sense of humor or literally lift you out of his life with a forklift.
tardgard69 / Reddit

He might be old, but he’s making one heck of a statement with the message on this t-shirt.

He has a message that everyone needs to read. He didn’t get to his age because he looks like a biker. But modern healthcare, being fully vaccinated, and wearing his seat belt before driving probably had a hand in his longevity.
IamMull / Reddit

Oil would be a whole lot easier to lube up that gun, but this guy prefers to use liberal tears.

The joke’s on him because tears are full of salt, which would eventually cause the gun’s moving parts to bind up and make the weapon difficult to use. Also, that’s a bold t-shirt to wear for a guy who shops at Bath and Body Works.
Pav1001 / Reddit

You should never mess with anyone’s kids, but this particular mom with 4-H kids will come after you.

4-H kids have welcomed kids of different backgrounds and belief, so they can express themselves freely. But if anyone has an issue with that or tries to mess with one of them, they’ve got this mom who’s ready to rip someone a new one.
lofzfreak / Reddit