Turn Your Trash Into Treasure With These Clever Repurposing Projects.

Turn Your Trash Into Treasure With These Clever Repurposing Projects. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Many people mistakenly throw out objects the moment they’re damaged. Just because something is broken, doesn’t mean it’s no longer useable. There are so many projects that’ll repurpose all those broken items into new and better things. Also, if you’re the type to hoard a lot of your belongings, a lot of these projects will definitely be useful to you. Why keep damaged items in storage when you can transform them into something you can actually use?Broken fridges may seem like a hopeless cause, but they can actually be transformed into an outdoor ice chest. You might need professional help to remove all of the electrical parts.

Are you planning on getting a new bed? If you are, use your old mattress springs to create a cool and useful bulletin board. It’s a project that you can customize however you want.

Do you have some old vinyl records that are too scratched up to work anymore? Instead of throwing them away, try turning them into these cool bookends by heating and then bending the bottom of the records!

Got an antique picture frame you have no use for? Transform it into a fancy serving tray! The more antique the frame, the better.

Remember the time where we used to burn everything from computer files to music onto CDs? If you ever bought a pack of CDs back then, you most likely got one of these CD cases. Transform them into convenient organizers for your cables!

Did your mini fridge go out of use? Before you make the decision to throw it away, instead transform it into a tv stand and/or storage unit. You can store anything into it, like the game controllers in this one.

Got one of those old wooden chairs laying around? If you don’t want to use it for actual seating purposes, try transforming it into a rustic towel rack and shelf by hanging it on the wall.

If you’ve got a vinyl record you no longer care for, glue it to a side table to upgrade it into this cool hip one.

Got an old bike you no longer use? Or maybe it has a broken tire that you don’t care to fix? Whatever it is, instead of riding the bike, you can repurpose it into a cool bathroom counter.

Got a spare bike wheel you’re not using? Or do you have a flat wheel you don’t want to patch up? Repurpose the old wheel into this cool and modern looking clock!

Got a broken washing machine? Take the inside drum out and transform it into a fire pit for the backyard. Make sure to use a high heat paint.

When the metal in an umbrella breaks, people automatically throw it away without a second thought. Before you do that, however, you should save the umbrella’s fabric to use to recreate these reusable bags!

Are you in need of a temporary wallet? Try using a paper clip as a money clip! It can also be used as a key chain at the same time. Now all your cards, money and keys are in the same place.

If you’re a girl who loves to accessorize, you most likely lose track of your jewelry all the time. Try organizing all your accessories with a cupcake tray! It’ll look cute and now you won’t have to search your entire room for that one earring.

Got one of those vintage suitcases in your closet? They may be out-of-date to take on an actual trip but you can repurpose them into these cool side tables! They’ll make a great addition to any room in the house.

If you’ve got a chipped teacup, use them to tie back curtains. They’ll be a nice Victorian looking addition to your windows!

Do you need a filing system for a cheap price? Try transforming an old suitcase into an accordion folder. This way, you can organize and store as many files as you want.

Do you like cooking pancakes for breakfast? Fill empty ketchup bottles with pancake mix to create the perfect pancake squirter! It’ll make the cooking a lot easier.

Repurpose an old camera into a cool desk lamp. The light will come from the camera as if it was taking a photo!

Once you’re done with that six-pack, don’t throw it away! You can repurpose it into this handy condiment carrier that can go in the middle of your dining table.

Got some broken jewelry? You can repurpose some damaged bracelets, broaches, earrings or necklaces into beautiful magnets! Just glue the jewel to a magnet and voila!

If your kids own a bunch of LEGOs, they won’t notice if they’re missing a few blocks. Repurpose a couple of LEGO pieces into a cool key holder.

A broken entertainment center can prove to be pretty useless. However, before you drop it off at the dump, try repurposing it into a fun play kitchen for your kids!

Got a old card catalogue hanging around? Or do you see one in the office that’s no longer in use? Repurpose it into a cool little mini bar! You can fill each drawer with a different bottle of liquor or wine.

Do you own too many purses with no where to put them? Try adding shower hooks to your closet to create a hangers for each one of your bags! You can even use them to hang up scarves, belts and any other accessories.

If you have a broken dresser, take the drawers out to recreate these cool map shelves. You can add the map to the bottom of the drawer and then hang it to the wall.

It’s very easy for crayons to break if you’ve got a lot of toddlers in the house. But instead of throwing them away, you can use them to create new rainbow crayons.

If you have a table that’s scratched or damaged in any other way, try creating two tables out of it! You can turn that one table into two cute mini wall desks.

Do you have a bunch of extra rulers and yardsticks hanging around? If you don’t plan on using all of them, glue clothespins onto them instead to hang them on the wall. This way, you can hang up your kids’ good grades and/or artwork.

Do you have a lot of birds that happen to visit your backyard? Use old lamps, broken light fixtures or plates to create cool bird baths.

Upcycle a pair of empty tomato paste cans by attaching them to a cabinet door with command strips. These will be perfect for holding your hair brushes! Remember to wrap them with scrapbook paper prior to look decorative.

Got an old keyboard that’s no longer of use to you? Maybe you’ve grown sentimental over the time you’ve had with it. Well you can keep it on your desk forever by transforming it into a little container for your office supplies.

Is the netting on your tennis rackets messed up? Remove the netting entirely and transform your racket into a nifty mirror. It’ll add interesting decor to any room in your home.

Combine a bunch of wine corks together to create one big trivet for your hot pots to sit on top of. All you need to do is hot glue them all together!

Got an old door hanging around? Repurpose it into this rustic looking memo board! Just attach corks to the door so you have a platform to pin papers onto.

Use an old pallet to create a petite herb garden. With a small garden like this, you can place it anywhere you want.

Do you tend to order a lot from Amazon? We don’t blame you, that prime shipping is the holy grail. But before you throw all those Amazon boxes away, you should keep at least one for the following project.

First, cut off the box’s flaps. Then wrap it with jute or rope and glue it along the way. Once you’re done, line the box with some white fabric and voila! You can use it as a cute storage box in your bathroom.

If you’re a coffee drinker, you probably go through your coffee canisters like nothing. These canisters, however, have proven to have more than one purpose of containing coffee beans!

Apply a fresh coat of paint to the cans and add a textured trim. Before you know it, you’ll have a cool decorative pot right in front of you! Place it anywhere in your home that needs a little more greenery.

A lot of clothes means a lot of clothes. However, once you clean out your closet, you’ll find yourself left over with a ton of hangers. Before you put them away in storage, there’s something else you can do with them!

Think of all the extra space you’ll gain! Now your recipes won’t be on all that potential counter space and they’ll be splatter-free! Just add a clip to the hanger and hang the hanger on one of the cabinet knobs.

Got some extra pillowcases in storage? Turn them into extra closet organizers by using them as garment bags! Just drape them on hangers and you’re good to go.

Take advantage of lemon and orange peels and the ends of fresh herbs to create aromatic seasonings. You can then use these seasonings for a scented homemade fragrance stick diffuser! It’ll keep any room in the house smelling wonderful.

Got one of those cool vintage door knobs hanging around? Repurpose it into this antique looking photo holder! Just use glue to attach the clip to the knob.

Use the chigiri-e technique of tearing up Washi paper to make creative designs to create cool memo board. You can use it to display photos, notes or anything else!

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