Turns Out There’s A Secret Use For Muffin Pans That You Never Thought Of.

Turns Out There’s A Secret Use For Muffin Pans That You Never Thought Of. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Most of us use muffin pans for baking, but there are many other creative uses. You won’t even believe what a hole in the bottom can do for you.

The muffin pan is kind of like the unsung hero of the kitchen world. This awesome baking tray has so many uses from other food related options to completely unrelated household uses. However, the most surprising use of the muffin pan begins when you put holes into the bottom of it. So now you can start using your muffin pan in many more ways than you ever imagined.

One of the best ways to use a muffin pan is as a serving dish. Thanks to all the different muffin holes, this pan is helpful for serving things like condiments for a barbeque, snacks, and more. You could even use it as a makeshift cheese board. Put crackers in one pan, various cheeses in the other, and marmalade in another. But it’s outside of the kitchen where the uses for the muffin pan get really creative.

If your partner is a handyman (or woman) then you will adore this idea. While working on hobbies or projects, you can separate your bits and bobs in a muffin pan. Organizing the odd ends of your project will help to keep your workspace neat and tidy. It’s perfect for keeping screws, nuts, bolts, and more in order. Now, let’s go back to the kitchen.

Flip your muffin tray on the backside, and now you have a versatile mold. If you cover the underside of the tray with cookie dough and bake it, you will have the perfect cookie bowls for ice cream. For a savory treat, wrap the bottom of the muffin holes with bacon and bake them. These are perfect for serving delicious snacks for your next party. But the best use of the bottom side of the muffin tray is coming up.

Did you know you can create mini taco bowls? Flip your pan over again. Now in the spaces between the tray holes, push in tortilla sheets. Bake them and voilà! You have mini taco bowls perfect for filling up with cheese, salsa, and taco meat. But the best use for the bottom of the muffin tray involves poking holes into it.

You can pre-make your weekly breakfast very easily by freezing smoothie cubes. On Sunday night, make a large batch of smoothie mixture. Pour it in your muffin pan and freeze. When you are ready for a smoothie just take out a frozen dome. Pop it in the blender and you are good to go. A hole in the bottom of the pan definitely won’t help you here, but you won’t believe where it will!

Another great use for the muffin pan is as a stationary organizer. Use the pan to organize your desk. You now have little pockets for drawing pens, paper clips, safety pins, and more. Put plastic cups into each hole and you’ll have pen and pencil holders too. There are so many endless options with this baking tray. But the best is yet to come. You wouldn’t dream of using a muffin pan to cook eggs.

Feeding a big family isn’t exactly easy. But it can be done with a muffin pan with this easy kitchen hack. You can make a dozen hard-boiled eggs all at once with a muffin pan. Place an egg in each muffin hole. Prick a tiny hole at the top of each egg and bake. You will be able to serve breakfast quickly. But those aren’t the only holes you’ll be poking, you’ll still need holes for the pan.

If you have young children then you know about the crayon dilemma. Children will use crayons until they are left with tiny, unusable little crayon nubs, but you can salvage these broken pieces. Collect similar crayon colors and place them in one muffin hole. Next, melt these in the oven and when they are done you will be left with giant crayons. These are great for toddlers. Now, let’s ditch the oven baking for the freezer.

When you find yourself sweating from the excessive heat of summer, don’t despair. Slice up a lemon and place a single slice in each muffin hole. Next, fill the holes up with water. Put the pan in the freezer and in several hours you will have giant lemon-flavored ice cubes. These are perfect for jugs of water. The large size will cool down your drink fast. But that’s not the only drink dilemma your muffin pan can fix.

We’ve all experienced getting meals from the drive-thru only to be left with more drinks than we can handle. Transporting the drinks without spilling is a tough one. But if you combine a laundry basket with a muffin pan you will have the perfect place to put your drinks. It’s a massive, safe drink carrier at your disposal. But there are times when you want your muffin pan to be able to leak and you won’t believe why.

Let’s go back to the kitchen! One of the most delicious treats you will ever make in a muffin pan is a pizza cup. You’ll need mozzarella, pizza dough. tomato sauce, and toppings. Push the pizza dough to the edge of the pan holes. Next, fill it with cheese and tomato sauce. Finally, mix in your toppings, then bake and enjoy! But the best use for muffin pan is still to come!

For those of you who are into making crafts, a muffin tray is your best friend. You can now sort out all of your decorating accessories. From scrapbooking bits and bobs to multi-colored buttons, they will all have a safe spot. This will help you to keep your decorations in front of you so you don’t have to search endlessly. But that’s not all that can be stored in a muffin pan!

Another incredible use of a muffin pan is a jewelry organizer. You can keep your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets separate which makes choosing your accessories much easier. This will make getting ready much more convenient. But that still leaves one question. Why would anyone want to put a hole in the bottom of their muffin tray?

Did you ever think that you’d want to punch holes in your muffin pan? Probably not. By putting a tiny hole in the bottom of each muffin section you are creating a perfect pot. You’ll have an entire tray to plant seeds in. In a few days, they will sprout and soon be ready for transplanting to a bigger pot or garden. How cool is that? Now, go and get your muffin tray and get busy!

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