Twitter Users Share Photos Of Their Cat Transformations

Twitter Users Share Photos Of Their Cat Transformations March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Cats have the upper hand when it comes to wowing us and making us laugh. So, it’s no surprise that felines are one of the most popular pets on online posts. All you have to do is perform a Google search and you’ll find tons of articles, images and videos of cats doing some totally random and super adorable things. But when Twitter user Elle Maruska asked people to share photos of their cats when they first got them versus what they look like today, she had no idea so many people would respond. Using the hashtag #CatGlowUp, netizens were elated to do what she had asked.People came through and sent before and after photos of their beloved cats using the hashtag #CatGlowUp, a term that describes a transformation in someone’s style, confidence and looks.

Ever since then, she and her cat have been inseparable. She even sleeps on her pillow and is one of her best friends in the whole wide world. But the cat’s still not an outdoorsy animal, and that’s okay.

This Twitter user posted a photo that showed how much of a difference a trip to the vet, some food and medicine can make in the life of this kitten. In just two weeks, he’s like a completely different animal.

Some cats like this one went from a tiny ball of fur to looking like they could have probably played extras in the live-action “The Lion King” movie. And the tweets didn’t just trickle. They poured in like a monsoon.

They’re brother and sister and were together when they were first adopted by this Twitter user, and they’re still together and lounging around like two big old couch potatoes enjoying their privileged life.

Don’t you just love the way Pammy sat with her front arms in front of her like a human? Well, it turns out that 18 years later, not much has changed. She still does that thing with her arms, but she’s furrier.

This kitty named Sid Vicious Spooky Transylvania W had been abandoned like a piece of trash. But with the help of his human, he bounced back and became a force to be reckoned with, especially if you’re eating chips.

As a kitten, he undoubtedly won the heart of his owner with those black saucer-shaped eyes and gray coat. But as a grown-up, he’s still pretty cute, and so darn fluffy you just want to scream with joy.

This cat owner shared her kitty’s photo, and it’s obvious that there’s one thing it doesn’t like. It’s either that birthday hat it’s wearing on its head, or it doesn’t like parties unless they’re throwing one for the cat.

But when his owner first got him, it was extremely tiny and fragile. Now, nearly 8 years after taking the original post, he’s even more gorgeous. Plus, he’s got one of the best cat names in the entire Twitterverse.

The before pic was taken right after Finn’s owner met him. The photo on the right was taken once the cat turned a year old. His eyes are a lovely blue-ocean shade, but he seems grateful to have found his human.

It’s much more vibrant and the color on its coat is deeper. It even has some amazingly striking marks on its chest and face. But we bet it never imagined that it would wind up being a cosplayer like its owner.

As a kitten, this adorable furball named Digby looked curious and perhaps a little frightened. But those blues eyes were so welcoming. And yet, as he got older, he seems to have gotten more suspicious.

But they can’t stay tiny indefinitely. So in this before and after photo, we see how this tiny kitten was able to fit into a kitchen scale. A year later, the cat is practically full size and would probably break the scale.

Fortunately, the kitties were found and eventually made their way into the hands of their forever owner. They were so tiny they could barely open their eyes. Today, they’re all grown up but the bond between them is strong.

As you can see, the curious cat had a very powerful gaze. Well, it seems like not much has changed in over a decade. Caligula is larger and older, but it still likes to stare at things with powerful intensity.

We all know that cats love to groom, but we had no idea that they did this to each other. It’s like we’re witnessing a full-on cat assault. Maybe someone should consider calling the pawthorities to break this up.

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