Two Bald Eagles Are Trapped In A Drain, Their Rescue Will Give You All The Feels.

Two Bald Eagles Are Trapped In A Drain, Their Rescue Will Give You All The Feels. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

There’s something majestic about the bald eagle. Perhaps it’s the way that it soars instead of flaps its wings or the fact that it’s the only type of eagle unique to North America. It’s also been the symbol of America since June 20, 1782. For all these reasons and more, a rescue team in Florida fought hard to free two birds caught in a highway storm drain. Because of the timing of the incident — it occurred just two days after the 2016 presidential election — viewers have been calling it a metaphor for the current state of the US. GQ said that it “perfectly encapsulates the country’s mood.” Twitter user @patchdrury wrote, “A bald eagle flying into a sewer drain, two days after Trump’s election is a little too on the nose. God is a hack.” Some people went as far as calling the rescue “staged,” saying that it was “too on the head” to be real. In the end, one eagle managed to break free on its own. With a little bit of time and patience, the other was safely pulled out by the rescue team.Witness Edward Bickerstaff told WFTV, “I saw two eagles fighting in the sky and they just dropped right into the drain, so I immediately pulled over.”

One of the birds, the one lying on top, was able to free itself after an hour. However, the second one was reportedly startled and slipped further into the drain. It was trapped for nearly 2 hours.

At this time, it is unknown whether or not the birds have been injured. This one will be taken into for evaluation. Once it is clear that she is in good health, she will be set free.

Dozens of observers also looked on and posted about the eagles on social media. News of the birds went viral.

It’s nesting season for these birds, a time in which they’re most sensitive to human activity, so in any case, we’re glad that they were able to get the help they needed.

**Make sure to check out a video of the story below.**

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