Ever Wondered Why You Get Two Different Choices To Answer Calls On Your iPhone?

Ever Wondered Why You Get Two Different Choices To Answer Calls On Your iPhone? October 27, 2017

Have you ever wondered why you get two different options to answer calls on an iPhone? It’s been baffling everyone so here’s the reason.Someone calls you on your iphone and wait for you to answer the phone. It’s ringing…………

Your phone starts to ring and vibrate……

If you are using an iPhone, you must have certainly wondered this as well. This is the first option used to answer a call i.e. to slide the green phone to answer.

Here is the second option. Does not seem to have a pattern of showing up like this.

And yes it always seem that whenever you reject call, the slide option shows up….

And you are forced wait for the long bell noise to stop.

It doesn’t matter what the time is, who you are receiving the call from or even if the caller is unknown or a complete stranger…it all comes down to just one simple thing….

Have you ever wondered that WHY you can only “decline” some calls but have to “slide to answer” the others?


Now here comes the real deal pay very close attention.

No it does not! It doesn’t matter if you’re receiving a call from an iPhone or an Android user.

It does not matters what the time is…..

No it does not matter if a contact is saved or not!

Can you think of it?

It is actually a very simple and remarkable thing!

Here is the answer to all the curiosity, whenever you get a call and your iPhone is locked…you will get the SLIDER! Blows your mind, right??

And when you receive a call at the time when your phone is unlocked, an option will pop up to answer or to decline in case if you don’t wanna talk to the caller!

Requires a little attention and it just like a piece of cake to understand all the fuss!

So go and spread this knowledge to all curious ones out there, so you can be the coolest among them and blow their minds!

That’s it. You’re welcome!