Pit Bulls Left To Die In Filth Are Loving Their Second Shot At Life.

Pit Bulls Left To Die In Filth Are Loving Their Second Shot At Life. December 16, 2018

When you adopt a pet, you are taking full responsibility of another life, and this life, just like a newborn baby, needs your love, attention and care. You have to ensure their well being and that all their needs are fulfilled. Otherwise, your negligence can be as inhumane as if you physically abused the poor animal.While there are some of us who are ready for this responsibility and commitment, others take it for granted.

Some people put up with their pets and their needs for as long as they enjoy them and once they are bored, they abandon them, sadly.

Like every human who lost his or her friend, these pets wonder where their human owner is and why did they abandon them? Though under reasonable circumstances there are other options and you can put them in foster care, leaving them unattended and abandoning them is never an option.

One such incident was reported to the Guardians of Rescue Society when some neighbors heard anxious barking coming from a house. The details that were provided to Frankie Floridia and his team were particularly upsetting.

It’s not the first time this has happened either. Pet owners have proven time and time again just how merciless they can be. But this particular situation gave an insight into the extent of sickness of the human mind. When they were evicted from their house the owners decided to leave their pets behind with almost no food. Those poor pets lived in filth the entire time. In fact, the place was dirty beyond imagination. When the hunger struck, the pitbulls started barking and calling out for help.

They weren’t sure if they would be able to make it in time. They didn’t know if those animals had sustained any injuries either. When they reached the scene, the sight was extremely disturbing. The dogs were left behind to die. They soon realized that one of the dogs was kept captive in a cage while the other one was free. The dogs were extremely traumatized and were surviving on the mercy of a neighbor who had thrown food from an open window to keep them from starving.

Floridia mentioned that the dogs were extremely scared and defensive at first, especially the male pitbull. But once they were outside, their attitude towards the rescuers changed. They started warming up to them and let their guard down.

Their survival was all thanks to the Guardians of Rescue, Floridia and his team. The two canines finally recovered from the trauma over time and their health also started to improve. The female was named Sky, while the male was named Max. Sky was immediately adopted by a new loving family, and Max is currently living with a foster family and may soon get adopted too.