Dogs Left To Die In A Drain Made A Miracle Recovery.

Dogs Left To Die In A Drain Made A Miracle Recovery. November 21, 2018

As unfortunate as it is, animal abuse has substantially increased over the years. Some cruel people go around making the lives of these creatures miserable for no good reason. Perhaps they get pleasure out of being mean and hateful. Who knows? But at the end of the day, these pure souls are the ones who suffer. They go through everything from beatings, to abuse, and even starvation. There’s no rational explanation for this type of behavior. They’re just psychotic humans who wants to inflict pain.As much as we hate these inhuman beings, they live among us. They are a part of our society.

Some of the most commonly abused animals are domestic They are the easiest targets as they are friendly to these psychotic humans.

From acid attacks to dousing them with other harmful chemicals, these inhumane humans have exhausted the number of ways of inflicting pain on these loyal creatures. As it turns out, their loyalty towards us is something that is costing them their lives.

One such instance of animal abuse took place when two dogs were found stranded in a drainage ditch. The first words that came out of the mouth of the rescuers when they first saw those scared canines were “this is crazy.” They were in shock and were certain that somebody had tossed them into the ditch on purpose.

Rescuers were not sure how long they had been there. As soon as they saw the dogs, they knew that these dogs were desperate to get out of this ditch. They were constantly barking, panting and moving around restlessly. The ditch was extremely steep and there was no way that these dogs would have jumped inside.

One of the rescuers jumped into the ditch to get them out. Uncertain whether these dogs were aggressive or not, he nervously got in. After cuddling and calming them a bit, he then got them out one by one with the help of his other fellow rescuers. Then they took the pooches to their shelter and took good care of them. These two cute pooches now go by the names of Thelma and Louise.

But the matter of biggest concern is that this is not the first time the rescuers have witnessed such a case. Some time before this incident, a similar case was recorded when a pitbull was found stuck in a hole about 7 feet deep. Tyler, a teenager, was out for a walk when he casually lifted a sign board that was lying on a vacant lot. He was stunned to see a frail pitbull down there begging to be rescued.

After constant effort and some help, the adorable and weak dog was finally rescued. It’s still not clear for how long the poor fellow had been there, but looking at how thin and weak the dog was, it appears he was there for quite some time. Now, Mars (named in foster care) is on his way back to being his healthy self under the foster care of Terissa Kerr. Thanks to the efforts of these rescuers, these dogs now have a second chance at life.