UFO Hunters Say They Have Evidence Of A Real UFO Crash.

UFO Hunters Say They Have Evidence Of A Real UFO Crash. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

It’s an age-old question: Is Earth the only planet with life or are there others out there.

Considering the vastness of the unexplored universe, many people feel that it’s a bit ignorant to assume that Earth is the only planet with life. Thanks to the advancement of technology, conspiracy theorists out there believe it’s definitely possible that entire populations of extra-terrestrials can – and do – exist elsewhere in the universe.

It may be hard to believe, but it’s not just crazy amateur sleuths claiming that aliens exist.

The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program was supposedly started in 2007 by the Pentagon in order to investigate the unexplained aerial phenomena that appeared to be using novel propulsive, hovering, or otherwise advanced technologies. Even though they spent millions of dollars, did they figure anything out?

Uh, no. Not really. Even though the government stands by their belief that there is no actual proof out there, there are some conspiracy theorists that claim UFOs actually do exist and they’ve already made contact.

What do you think. When you look at the Internet famous photo from Antarctica, you might just start believing that we’ve been visited by aliens, as well. What else could it be. You decide.

The United States-based organization Secureteam is made up of people that are out to prove that aliens do exist. They believe that the government is keeping secrets about alien life from the public, and their goal is to expose them.

Considering their YouTube channel has more than 1.5 million subscribers, it’s clear that they’re not alone in their mission. Secureteam recently found something that has made even more believers come forward.

Secureteam recently released some disturbing video footage from South Georgia Island, located off of Antarctica. This site is known for having UFO sightings before. A former retired US Navy petty officer first class flight engineer, known only as “Brian”, was part of the squadron Antarctic Development Squadron Six.

Brian claims to have been involved with a crew that flew through a “no-fly zone” above Antarctica. He claims to have seen aliens, UFOs, and a large entrance hole to an alien base. Did Secureteam find anything when they investigated?

Secureteam released a video that claimed to show a UFO crash site on South Georgia, located approximately 2,500 miles from the Antarctica Peninsula.

The narrator of the video, Tyler Glockner, used Google Earth to show the supposed crash site. He even said that the object covered in snow appeared “to be some sort of massive, elongated, or cigar-shaped object that at some point — and we don’t know when — came to a screeching halt in the snow leaving behind it almost a thousand-meter-long trail.”.

In the video, Glockner points to “some damage that has been done to the side of a nearby mountain where we can see this wave of debris extending outwards from the mountain itself, with the main object and trail coming out of it, smashing its way in a very sharp trail.” He later adds that it “doesn’t look like your typical trail made by a snowball or a…piece of ice tumbling and rolling across the hillside.” So what is it?

Researchers followed the trail along the island and found that the mountains were actually damaged where the trail began. Glockner believes that the object has to be something artificial – most likely a spacecraft that measures about 206 feet in length.

Some people were convinced that it was real. One person even commented: “Looks like it crashed into the mountain, then whatever it was drove away from the crash site?”.

They noticed that it looked like the object moved in a perfectly straight line. Which is pretty common for artificial objects, but not so common in anything that would be considered natural.

Glockner and his followers assumed the object – which they claim “definitely wasn’t natural” – crashed into the mountain and then slid until it stopped. “We can see on top of it we have a lot of rigid and sharp ends, also casting shadows over to the side,” explained Glockner. But what’s the truth?

There were some people who believe things happened a bit differently. “It’s clearly just a mound sliding by way of glacial shift.

It’s not even traveling in a straight line indicating the contours of the surrounding area. If it was a crash landing of a craft, you’d have a crater at the point around the craft where it has stopped moving along the surface,” one person said.

Another person said, “This one is easy.

The face of that mountain is very steep. Some pieces broke loose, causing an avalanche, and the piece of ice probably came from the upper part of the mountain, and slid to where it is.” But a different person added, “I watched this video several times I put in the coordinates myself and went to Google Earth and looked at it and many angles I believe this is a down airplane the wings are torn off at the mountain site the airplane crashed into the mountain.”.

Considering they only had satellite images to work with, Secureteam and other professional researchers can’t give a conclusive answer to what the object is.

They have great theories, but due to the fact the there’s been a lot of speculation about UFOs in Antarctica, Secureteam believes they have history in their favor.

In April 2017, an iceberg made believers extremely suspicious. They believe there was no way possible that the iceberg was a natural formation.

They believed that this particular iceberg was new to the area and didn’t share the same characteristics as the other icebergs surrounding it. One believer said, “This object is really peculiar and looks like a vessel disguised as an iceberg.” Could there be a more logical explanation?

Geologist Dave Petley believes that the most recent video is quite obviously a boulder that had fallen off of the mountain. He says, “smoking gun in this case is the clearcut presence of a landslide deposit directly above the object in question.

Of course the runout trail is quite unusual. I am not sure if a block has detached from within the mass, and then moved downslope, or if it tumbled onto the mass from above, and then slid.”.

“If I was a betting man (and I am not) I might go for the latter explanation, but without a more detailed investigation I am speculating. But either way this is conventional landslide behavior on snow and ice covered surfaces, and we have seen other large isolated boulders travel long distances. In this case the elongate shape of the block favored sliding rather than rolling, but as the friction of the substrate is low the distance traveled can be large,” he explained.

It looks like i might just be a boulder, but maybe not. Maybe it WAS a UFO. What do you believe?

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