Ugly Kids Who Grew Into Major Hotties.

Ugly Kids Who Grew Into Major Hotties. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Remember the story of the Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen? Of course you do. Your teacher probably read it to you when you were in elementary school. In the story, a duckling that started out as an odd ball would grow up to become a beautiful swan. Well much like the ugly ducking, these people discovered that inside what appeared to be a not so pleasant exterior, was a beautiful and sexy human being that just needed time to flourish. And much like the beautiful swan in the Ugly Duckling, these people went from being made fun of to being drooled at cause they’re so fine.But as this kid got older, his fat turned into muscle, but there’s one thing that hasn’t changed and that’s his adorable smile which has probably made girls swoon over him.

The truth is they do and they make brushing our teeth, French kissing and eating an apple really difficult. But the years spent growing up with a mouth full of braces and faces covered in pimples are an awkward phase that passes, leaving you looking like a hunk we’d all like to kiss.

A few extra muscles here and there, a nice haircut, and even a new wardrobe could be all it takes to make people realize that you’re a real stud muffin.

He used to be a chubby adolescent kid, but now he’s got a face and a body that he’s totally proud of. See what eating right and working out can do for you?

Can you imagine the satisfaction this girl must have felt when she probably turned down the bully that used to make fun of her, but probably tried hitting on her because she looks oh so fine now.

This guy looked pretty spiffy and preppy at 16, but of course, the whole sexy, shirtless Clark Kent look at 20 isn’t too bad either.

But guess who’s laughing now? This guy worked hard and has some six pack abs that are to die for. Now every popular queen B from high school is wishing they’d been a little nicer.

But it’s amazing what growing up, a pair of contacts and a little bit of exercising can do. Now this former four-eyes has gone through an unbelievable transformation that her own parents probably never imagined was possible.

It pretty much sucked. The stigma associated with these two things made life unbearable, but not that you’ve discovered contacts and your teeth are straight, you’re ready to take on the world and the dating scene.

Just like it can bring us down emotionally when someone makes fun of us because we look average, we can feel an extra boost of confidence when we slowly climb our way up to the stop and realize how beautiful we can become.

So in the meantime, we urge people to start looking at the internal qualities of a human being because underneath what society considers ugly is a work in progress that can turn into this beauty you see on the right. She’s like a freaking porcelain doll.

Sadly, not everyone can pull this off, unless of course, you’re willing to go all Kristen Stewart or Karl Lagerfeld and remain straight face through your entire childhood.

Most attractive people had to work hard at it to pull off a look that would have people taking their cell phones out and snapping a photo. So remember that there’s an ugly duckling inside every pretty face you see.

Just ask this kid. Now we’re not saying he was ugly, but he was an adorable work in progress. The end result was certainly a lot more appealing by the time he reached the barely legal age.

We know, ouch, right? Things got so bad that kids got dared to ask this gorgeous individual out. But guess who finally got the last laugh?

Just ask this kid who noticed at age 8 that he had jug ears and was probably called names like “Dumbo.” But he clearly didn’t need a feather to fly towards being hot. He just needed a little time to grow into his ears, and at 34, he looks absolutely dreamy.

In the side by side comparison between ages 17 and 23, she underwent a remarkable transformation that likely made men swoon over her because she’s simply va va boom!

Life between the ages of 12 and 20 wasn’t easy for this girl who grew up to become a hot chic, but in her own words, “thanks puberty, you did me a solid.”

This is what this kid looked like in his second year of high school when he was 15. By the time he was in his second year of college at 19, he looked like a freaking fitness guru.

At 15, this girl had a tough time accepting her nose so she’d tilt her head sideways to hide it. By 23, she learned to accept that her nose was a beautiful facial feature and is no longer hiding it.

We’re not just talking about a year or two, but rather ten years, maybe even longer. That’s how long it took for this woman to grow into her nose and face.

Some girls embrace this with a tomboyish attitude, but this girl was being made fun off for looking like a boy at age 10 and she hated herself for it. Now she feels a lot better at 18, and those kids that made her feel like an ugly duckling can suck it.

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