Unbelievable Home Renovation Fails That Really Happened

Unbelievable Home Renovation Fails That Really Happened March 31, 2023Leave a comment

These folks are going to have to go back to the future if they want to get into this garage.

Who needs wheels. Anyone have a flying car they can borrow circa 2099?

Harry Potter

We’re guessing they wanted the ability to watch TV in the other room while popping a squat.

That’s the only explanation we can really come up with.

It seems someone’s getting fired.

Did some blueprints stick together to create this odd monstrosity. Yeesh.

Talk about some serious dedication to Mother Nature.

Maybe this family is a big fan of Arbor Day. They may want to think about what’s going to happen to the yard when this tree is 20-feet tall.

In theory, you can light two rooms with one light with this design.

Sadly, when they burn out that’s it. No replacing those bulbs.

We’re not sure why they didn’t just build the door ABOVE the concrete flooring.

This seems just to be a whole lot of extra work we have to say.

Yeah, we’re thinking whoever designed this room is probably out of a job.

Obviously, the fan doesn’t have enough room to spin, so we’re not sure WHY they turned it on in the first place?

Don’t park in this driveway if you know what’s good for you.

We imagine backing out during winter would be quite the pain and possibly an insurance nightmare. Although, this driveway would be great for sledding!

No tall people allowed in this home.

It seems the angle of these stairs was severely misjudged.

We thought you had to maintain a certain distance when parking next to a fire hydrant.

Well, at least the dog has the perfect personal pee post. Honestly, they could have started building five feet to the left of the thing.

The only way you’re getting into that garage is with a zip line. What a crazy design this is.

How did they expect to get the car into that garage. A pulley system?

How convenient is this.

You can host a dinner party and no one has to miss any of the conversations. They can simply use the restroom while sampling the shrimp puffs!

Did the tile professional have a bad case of vertigo. This is one wonky and unnecessary angle if you ask us.

Yikes. Hope they got a discount.

Did the door really have to get cut around that fixture.

Couldn’t it have been a smaller door. Humor us here, please.

While this house would be perfect for someone with a motorcycle, if you have a car you’re gonna be out of luck.

We’re guessing the landowner wanted to utilize every bit of space…seems like a tight fit.

Getting up and down this driveway is going to be like besting Mount Everest.

We hope you have a good emergency brake when parking in front of this house. Yikes!

While this isn’t technically a renovation fail per say, it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Who wouldn’t want to keep their car hidden underground?

You’ll need a really strong trampoline to get your car into that garage. What was the designer thinking.

Let’s just bounce into the house after a long day. No thank you!

This looks like an accident waiting to happen on so many levels.

One size does not fit all cars. We suggest learning to parallel park on the street.

So close, but no dice.

We’re guessing that wall is going to take quite a beating every time that door opens.

God forbid the windows actually fit in their frames.

This is one of the worst botched jobs we’ve ever seen. We’re guessing that room gets quite a draft from time to time.

Hopefully, you’ve got your flexibility in check because the only way you’re sitting on this toilet is by extreme straddle.

Like seriously, who thought this was going to work?

It seems this missed the mark by quite a bit.

Hope you don’t mind a flood every time you wash your face.

Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with this at all.

Why don’t you just flip that faucet on. Hope you’ve got a good pair of rubber-soled boots.

We’re not sure why the installers felt this was a good idea.

I guess if you’re super close to someone you could see who drops a wicked cable the fastest. Personally, we like our privacy.

Whoever designed this really wants you to get up close and personal with some strangers.

We think this may be too close for comfort.

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