33 Animals Who’ve Discovered That Comfort Is Overrated.

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This did not work out as planned.

Have you ever been in a situation, whether it be on the sofa or in bed, where you just can't seem to get comfortable? No matter how you twist and turn, your body can't submit to relaxation: Your legs fall asleep, your back aches, and your frustration levels increase with every passing second. Turns out, your pets know just how you feel. Below are 33 animals who, for whatever reason, find themselves in some ridiculously uncomfortable positions. Despite the resolute looks on their face, we know the truth: They feel weird about their choices, and they're not sure what to do about them.

Don't judge them for their relaxation preferences.

It looks uncomfortable, but apparently it's not.


This is what happens when you overestimate yourself.

Okay, sure.

This guy doesn't know his own limits.

Just trying to emulate their humans.

These positions are truly inspiring.

She can't help herself.

Forever interrupting your work flow.

The question isn't why, but how?

Natalie Haston

He's regretting this decision.

When wardrobes go wrong.

Preventing you from leaving, forever.


Just trying to be as human as humanly possible.

Contemplating all her life choices.

They've given up on life.

We're not going to ask.


He hates this, but he feels committed.

Isabel Clownsnack

Down and out.

This can't be comfortable.

We're not exactly sure what's going on here.


Sometimes you eat the cookie, other times you are the cookie.

These two look like they've made some mistakes in their life.

He literally cannot.


What spine?


A new form of doggy yoga.


Casual lounging between friends.


He's so tired he can't even fix himself.


Just one big pile of dog.




Making everyone in the room uncomfortable.


And finally, he's in a prison of his own making.