He Ripped Up Grandparent’s Old Carpet, What’s Hiding Underneath… Jackpot!

He Ripped Up Grandparent’s Old Carpet, What’s Hiding Underneath… Jackpot! October 18, 2018

When your parents or grandparents pass on and leave you a property, check every nook and corner of the home. You never know what you’re going to find. Just ask this man, who went to his grandparents’ old farmhouse with the intention of prepping it to sell it. But the last thing he ever imagined was that he’d find the most sob-worthy time capsule ever, and it was inside the dirtiest looking closet of the house too. Guess it’s true what they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! These folks managed to find the most heart-warming treasures that helped them feel closer to their loved ones. Turn every carpet, and check every drawer in the house. They could be full of priceless memories of your loved ones.Beyond that door lied a secret that this man could have never conceived of.

We meant the vacuum cleaner, and not the first director of the FBI. For a confined space, it sure had one dirty carpet. But there was more here than met the eye.

But when he pulled the carpet out, he found something hidden underneath. What could it have been? Is it some kind of time capsule? Yes, and so much more!

It was in plain sight, yet never before seen. But now he had to figure out how to open it.

He called American Security, the company that made the safe. They gave him a series of combinations, but that didn’t unlock anything. Drilling it open was out of the question too. It seemed impervious to any tactic, which is probably how it remained safe (no pun intended) all this time.

So he called a locksmith who managed to open the safe after hours of working on it.

Now it was just a matter of digging out all the potentially buried treasure that might have otherwise been forgotten.

After all, who wouldn’t expect to find a passport inside their safe?

This passport was issued back in 1987, nearly 30 years ago.

Although some of the items had withstood the test of time, others didn’t fared very well.

So he grabbed the items his grandparents treasured and placed them on a nearby table. Only time would tell what valuables he’d find among these relics.

And just because they weren’t made out of gold, didn’t mean that they were any less valuable.

They just don’t expect it to be in this condition! All joking aside, it must have made them wonder what were they saving this for?

So even if he didn’t get rich, these items would enrich his life and those of his kids.

Does it matter? They may not gain much value the way wine does when it ages, but it’s still a piece of preserved history.

Did you know that coins older than 1964 were made up of 90 percent silver? And coins from 1965 to 1971 hold a 40 percent silver denomination. Who knew what else he was bound to find among all this stuff?

They bought this Tennessee home in the late 70s or early 80s to escape the intense heat wave from the south, and clearly, coin collecting was a thing, particularly for his grandmother who was an avid coin collector.

After his grandfather died, neither his grandmother or dad returned to the farmhouse. After all of their deaths, he decided to prepare the house for sale and it’s a good thing he did, or he would have never found this treasure trove.

Yes! These are silver bars from different states. It’s like the ultimate treasure find.

He could only imagine what he’d find in here. Maybe more coins or perhaps a firearm since his grandfather loved collecting those.

It wasn’t just some rusty old box. It was a jewelry box and it had loads of items, including a diamond encrusted watch. Although most of these treasures might have had great financial value if sold, this grandson found that these items were far more precious and priceless to him.