They’re The Best Underwater Photos Ever Taken… And They’ll Leave You Breathless.

They’re The Best Underwater Photos Ever Taken… And They’ll Leave You Breathless. November 23, 2017

[Gisele Lubsen][1] is a photographer with a specific expertise in conceptual underwater photography, and her latest project is truly unique. It’s a combination of two sets of images, one entitled *Amazons*, and another called *Breathless Echoes*, and the work presents a paradox: She captured images that interpret historic groups of people in an environment that’s surreal and otherworldly. *Amazons* interprets female warriors from ancient Greece, and *Breathless Echoes* is a take on the voyages of the Portuguese fleets to Africa and India. The resulting images are breathtaking, and made more impressive once the reality of her work sets in: **She somehow captures these photos entirely underwater**. Here’s what the artist had to say about it on her [website][2]: > I believe in the power of underwater photography and water as a way to heal, express true emotion, connect and push through innumerable layers. Being underwater creates a sense of heroism, which is very powerful on a visual level contained inside the photographs and for the person posing. Water is romantic which helps express and inspire timeless beauty. By coaching people to connect underwater within their surroundings and with each other I want to show that everything can be attained through connection and reflection. We are all a mirrors and weather the goal is to interconnect with our love or to brand a product, the results are the same. They both create powerful and timeless images creating a universal language for everyone to bridge with. The opening of the Portuguese production *Breathless Echoes* can be seen on December 4th, 2015 at the [Espaco Exibicionista][3] in Lisbon, Portugal. More immediately, the artist will be selling her work in a 24-hour Black Friday Special sale on the [Saatchi Art][4] website. For more of Lubsen’s work, check out her [Instagram][5], [Twitter][6], and [Facebook][7], and [YouTube][8] channel. [1]: http://www.giselelubsen.com [2]: http://www.galphotography.org [3]: http://www.espacoexibicionista.com/ [4]: https://www.saatchiart.com/giselelubsen [5]: https://instagram.com/galunderwaterphotography/ [6]: https://twitter.com/GiseleLubsen [7]: https://www.facebook.com/galphotographyunderwater?ref=hl [8]: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCALcTMtgL3GXu0fTZUYaU2Q