Waitress Got An Unexpected Surprise From Co-workers, And It Left Her In Tears.

Waitress Got An Unexpected Surprise From Co-workers, And It Left Her In Tears. April 7, 2020

We all know that there’s no place quite like home. The place where you can be yourself and spend time with the ones you love the most. Sometimes in our lives, though, we find ourselves separated from our home and our family. Occasionally when this happens, we find a home far away from home. We find another family to love. Even though we’re happy with where we are in our lives, we can’t help but feel the sting of homesickness. Keep reading to find out how this woman found her home away from home, and the amazing gift her friends gave her.Mary hasn’t always lived in Texas, though. In fact, Mary is pretty far from the place she calls home.

Mary misses home, but she gives thanks to her work family for helping her make it through. “I guess the only reason why I survived this long without my blood family, my momma is because of these blessed souls and my best friends out of work,” said Mary.

A few of the employees that weren’t working that night came into the restaurant looking for Mary. Everyone gathered together in the kitchen to give her a wonderful gift.

One after the other, the co-workers began reading speeches they had written to Mary. “Mary, you do so much for this company and for all of us as a family. You pull doubles and dedicate yourself to this place,” said one employee. “You’ve been a great friend to all of us, may God bless you Mary,” said another teammate.

“I wish you the very best. Good luck in your trip home,” they said. Considering she definitely didn’t have a trip planned, Mary had no idea what they were talking about.

Inside of the envelope were all of her dreams. It was something that Mary never expected to receive.

Mary was overwhelmed with happiness. “I miss my mom, my family, the food, the aloha, EVERYTHING & well I talk about it like ALL THE TIME,” she explained. “I don’t even know what to say.“I love you all. Thank you guys so much,” Mary said to her work family.

**Check out this video to see how Mary’s work family surprised her with a trip home!**