9 Of The Strangest Places People Have Gotten Married.

9 Of The Strangest Places People Have Gotten Married. May 8, 2020

Everyone wants their wedding day to be special, but couples are kicking traditional church weddings to the curve and opting for some bizarre venues. From grocery stores to cemeteries, people are tying the knot in places that are way out there in order to make their ceremony totally unforgettable, and they’ve succeeded. Then again, after centuries of getting hitched in churches, couples were destined to start thinking outside the box. But these venues are so weird, and in some cases terrifying, that you’ll be scratching your head and wondering what was going through their minds when they picked these unusual spots.Jacqueline Aronson and her husband, Ross, had a ceremony at Whole Foods, but don’t judge them for wanting to marry at a supermarket. After all, they did get engaged in the flower aisle of the popular food store chain, and it’s sort of romantic.

Dan Ryckert and his bride got married in a Taco Bell in Las Vegas. The best thing about this was that they didn’t have to cater because they were already in a fast food restaurant. But you have to wonder whether they had a taco themed wedding cake.

The lovers, who are infatuated with nature, stood on a net that was stretched across cliffs above the desert located in Moab, Utah. Ironically, Weglin has always been terrified of heights, so this proved that she really loved her man if she was willing to do something so risky.

**Yulia and Briany, known as Diplox on Instagram, literally took the plunge.** The couple decided to opt for an exhilarating bungee jump wedding in Vancouver, Canada, which was both thrilling and death-defying.

With @tainosaur , this is our #bungeejump wedding and it is full of fun, exhilaration, and love!! I am so bless of meeting my dream one . #yuliaandbriany2016 ?? #Canada #Vancouver #whistler #whistlerbungee @whistlerbungee @explorecanada @explorecanada @vancouver_canada @instagramvancouver #explorevancouver #bungeejumpingwedding A post shared by Yulia (@diplox) on Sep 19, 2016 at 1:25pm PDT

Naturally, Adrian and his bride couldn’t talk because they had their breathing apparatus on, but they had everything else like a bouquet and bridesmaids at their side. It wasn’t easy exchanging vows underwater, but it was definitely romantic.

On New Year’s Eve, Menounos and her partner Keven Undergaro got hitched in Times Square, and it was filmed live on television. At first, she hesitated when the producer of the New Year’s Eve broadcast asked her if she wanted to get hitched on camera, but then she realized that this would be perfect.

A wedding at a cemetery is just what most girls dream of… said no one ever! Hendricks and his bride really amped up the creep factor by exchanging their wedding vows in a graveyard in Franklin, TN. Who knew that tombstones could be so romantic?

Think of all the things that could have gone wrong at this gas station, like a gas leak causing an explosion and taking everyone out. But this couple wasn’t concerned about that because they had each other and a couple of guests who knew how to dance.

**Love is in the air… literally because this wedding took place in a gravity-free chamber.** In June 2009, a couple from NYC and their wedding guests had a weightless wedding ceremony. Now that’s far out!