Stunning Artworks Created With The Strangest Mediums.

Stunning Artworks Created With The Strangest Mediums. March 30, 2020

The beautiful thing about art is that it can be found everywhere and made out of anything. Where one person sees a pile of trash sitting on the ground, an artist looks at it and sees a huge rocket ship. While most people look at a glass of wine as a means to escape, an artist looks at that same glass of wine as a means to get creative. Keep scrolling to see how these incredible artists found their inspiration in the most mundane items.John Lennon would surely be proud of this one. Isn’t it amazing how even the simplest of things can be recycled into art?

But not this artist. She found art in a spilled cup of coffee. We wonder if she was told to stop playing with her food a lot as a child.

Jennifer Maestre used an unknown amount of colored pencil pieces to create this abstract piece of art.

Using several different colors of rice, they were able to create this beautiful work of art! Art is meant to be everywhere!

The Eden Project knew exactly what to do with them: crochet them together and make a giant polar bear! There should never be a plastic bag in the ocean again with things like this.

Or in her case, a delicious smoothie that’s too perfect to eat.

Artist Liu Jianhua used them to create an entire city. We can’t imagine how long it took to make this.

Tom Deininger used trash to create this giant mouth. This is one way to solve the trash problem on Earth. Turn it all into art!

This sleepy old man is the cutest thing. We love that so many people use food to make art.

But this artist has found a way to create beautiful towns out of the timeless snack. Do you think she eats it after she’s done?

Most people would never believe that these are two coffee cups!

Scott Hove made this incredible piece of art entirely out of cake! That’s a lot of baking.

Inspire you to create something beautiful, or inspire you to wash your car. Either way, you’re inspired and that’s all that matters.

Artist Maurizio Savini used nearly 3,000 individual pieces of pink and white bubble gum to create this pink bear.

We wonder, though, if she took a really long time to find all of them, or she spent a lot of money paying for them.

So why not turn them into art, right? This piece looks like the inside of a cave. Pretty neat!

It looks like it was constructed out of old pieces of metal, but it’s definitely not. What you’re seeing is an extremely creative use of cardboard!

Are you able to guess what this is? This artist used thousands of sunflower seeds to make this massive portrait.

Where most people see a delicious salad, this artist saw inspiration.

Can you guess what recyclable product was used to make the one on the left? Beer cans! And the other one was made out of records.

His paintbrush is an open candle flame which leaves a fine deposit of carbon on paper. Using feathers and brushes, Spazuk is able to sculpt the soot into shapes and light.