21 Funny Gifts To Get The Person Who Has Everything.

21 Funny Gifts To Get The Person Who Has Everything. November 10, 2018

It’s already November (I’m saying this as if you need another reminder), which means that Christmas is nearly here! It is the season of gift giving, or self-indulgence if you’re not careful, and it takes some time to pick out those perfect gifts. We can all agree that the best gifts are those that you can put to use. But then there are also the ones that aren’t super useful but give us great joy anyway. We’ve got a few dozen gift ideas for you to choose from below. On the practical side, we’ve got a coffee table that was designed to expand into a dining table in one second flat, a tool that squeezes those stubborn tubes of toothpaste, and a tool that is said to “revolutionize” nail painting. And on the more playful side, we’ve got Uni the Unicorn lamp and some Donnie Darko themed slippers. Browse through our list and let us know which one’s your favorite!Chef’n Cob Corn Stripper is easy to use and it blends in naturally. Now you can had fresh kernels of corn to any salad, soup, or dish you’d like.

We’ve all heard of a spork, which serves as a both a spoon and a fork, but have you heard of a Chork? It’s both a fork and a pair of chopsticks! There are three settings: chopsticks, “cheaters” chopsticks, and fork.

Our apologies. This product does not come with Jake Gyllenhaal but you have an imagination, don’t you?

This is the world’s first micro Bluetooth speaker to enhance sound depth and quality by upcycling a used bottle. If you’re worried about adding to your loved ones’ clutter, this one is a safe bet.

How adorable is this? On Etsy, you can choose from over a dozen different models to make the perfect family portrait, even if your family is not so perfect.

Use this “no fuss” projector for the ultimate viewing experience. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Get a tan while you work with the collapsible laptop computer carry case. Even if you don’t need it in winter, it’s a good must-have for summer!

Upload any picture you want and you’ll get yourself a personalized huggable heatable. Want someone to think of you? Use your own picture! We are not responsible for how to recipient responds to that…

Still asleep? Your R2-D2 can serve up to 4 cups of coffee. Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier? His body was made for this.

Have a mythical night every night with your own glowing unicorn. Even at the end of a bad day, Uni will be there for you. There are four LED light modes to match your mood.

Can you imagine how much toothpaste is wasted when we decide to stop squeezing? With its ergonomic handles, the Big Squeeze will help keep waste at a minimum.

The point of camping is to be in the great outdoors but some people need some easing into it. This is perfect for that transition, and also if you just want to be a little romantic.

Note that this accessory was made for the rear wiper. Make sure to remove it when you get a car wash!

This Joy For All Companion Pet has nearly 5 stars on Amazon. Who could say no to a cuddly kitty? Give this gift of joy. It’ll be more than worth it.

Have a picnic for 4 with this charming picnic backpack. There’s also a cooler compartment for your favorite dishes.

Made of light blue resin and glow-in-the-dark snow, the Enchanted Forest Ring keeps the magic close. The base is made of red balau and sets a nice contrast to the brilliant scene.

One reviewer described Cozmo as a “genuine robot companion.” If you needed a sign that we are now in the future, this is it.

Do people accidentally touch or lean on you on every single flight? Time to get the Create-a-Space portable airplane seat divider.

This handy little accessory will keep you warm and productive. It will also distract viewers away from the messy parts of your desk.

Slip these at the foot of your bed and watch as the LED lights light your way. You’ll never have to be afraid of going to the bathroom again.

It’s a coffee table and a dining table. Honestly, we just love the one second transformation time.