Unstoppable Grandmas Were Flower Girls For Their Grandkid’s Wedding.

Unstoppable Grandmas Were Flower Girls For Their Grandkid’s Wedding. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Grandparents play an important in our upbringing. Remember all those summer vacations spent at their place? They taught us about the world with their humorous life stories. They kept on feeding us even after our stomachs were full. These people spoil us with their unconditional love, support, and comfort. Unfortunately, withering age and dwindling health takes away a lot of their energy, and with the passage of time, they aren’t as energetic as they were once. But they’re still young at heart and they want nothing more than to be able to participate in every happy occasion of their grandchildren’s lives.The couple from Sydney, Australia shared a deep bond with their grandmas. So they decided to make them feel loved in a very special way. These grandmothers are from different countries and have suffered a great deal of hardship. If the wrinkles on their faces could talk, they’d tell a lot of stories.

Flower girls are usually young girls who scatter flower petals down the aisle during a wedding ceremony. But Yasmine and Ricardo asked their grandmothers to fill in for the role instead. “It was actually my husband Ricardo’s idea. He had a lot of children in his family and I had a few, but we weren’t inviting them due to space limitations so he suggested our grandmothers,” said Yasmine.

“My grandmother wore a sparkly number by White Runway even though she was adamant to buy something with lots of glitz. Then she had it altered. Mum had to put it on her while she sat down on the couch,” said Yasmine. Jean looked absolutely stunning in her Anthea Crawford dress while Doreen had put on a beautiful custom tailored dress. These lovely ladies proudly led their grandchildren down the aisle.

The elderly women loved being the center of attention. They posed beside the lovely couple and enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Yasmine told Daily Mail, ‘My grandma said: “Make sure they get us on video, so you can put it up on that thing where everyone sees.”’ At first everyone thought that she was kidding about Facebook but she was not.

The ladies were a part of the pre-wedding events as well and were together throughout the whole journey. Yasmine further added, “Although they speak different languages, they seem to manage to have the longest conversations. At dinner parties, they insist they sit together as well.”

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