Unusual Christmas Traditions From Around The World.

Unusual Christmas Traditions From Around The World. December 25, 2019

Most people think of Christmas as a time to celebrate with family, gain a little weight from holidays treats, and exchange some gifts. But did you know that Christmas is celebrated in different ways all over the world? It’s absolutely incredible! For example, if you lived in the Philippines you would attend the Giant Lantern Festival, and if you were in Austria you would be living in fear of the Krampus! We were amazed by all the different traditions, so we wanted to share with you some of the more unusual ones that are out there! Keep reading to find out what your neighbors all around the world are getting into for the holidays, some of them will really surprise you!The holidays can sometimes be a difficult time for those that have lost loved ones. This tradition allows them to be remembered and included in the festivities.

This is a beautiful way to enjoy a warm fire on a cold winter’s day.

This is like hanging up stockings to put presents in!

Imagine seeing a bunch of people out roller skating on Christmas morning! It would be so much fun!

Not only is this a cute idea, it’s delicious, as well. Well, it’s delicious for those that are single. If you’re taken, no pudding for you.

Who doesn’t enjoy a Christmas feast full of yummy foods?

So people are just running around in their underwear while sipping on champagne?

That’s probably why most of my single friends steer clear of mistletoe.

The art of food carving is alive and well with this one. It’s definitely creative, but why a radish and not an avocado?

It seems that a lot of these traditions focus on people needing to get married. Don’t fret if you get the yellow straw. Being single isn’t so bad.

Caga Tio means “poo log.” The children look after it by feeding it and on Christmas Eve they beat it with a stick to make it poop presents.

All of the single women throwing their shoes at the door in hopes of getting married. That would definitely be a sight to see, that’s for sure.

People looking for love hope to see hearts and rings.

A rooster decides who’s getting married next.

Finding a spider web on your tree is good luck.

While most people go to fancy restaurants, the Japanese are completely content munching on some good ol’ fried chicken.

We hope they get pampered more than one day a year!

It’s also a sign of good health if the twig blossoms by Christmas Eve.

We’ve all had at least one New Year’s Eve kiss in our lifetime. It’s a wonderful way to bring in the New Year, and also a great way to make a new friend!