UPS Driver Won’t Stop Taking Selfies With Dogs, And It’s Adorable.

UPS Driver Won’t Stop Taking Selfies With Dogs, And It’s Adorable. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Usually those who have a great love and special connection to animals find themselves in careers such as working in a pet store, working as a veterinarian, or working in a shelter. However, those aren’t the only jobs out there that involve interacting with animals on a daily basis. Take Doniel Kidd for instance — he’s a delivery man for UPS. And although his primary duties are to deliver packages, he enjoys his job very much due to all the people and animals he meets! “I’m an animal lover,” Kidd says. “If I can pet a dog, and make him feel good, I will.” But he does more than just pet them, he takes selfies with them as well.When he arrived at his destination, a group of dogs charged at the man to greet him. Being the dog lover that he is, Kidd got down to the ground and began taking selfies of himself and the canines.

“He is one of the kindest, most good-hearted (especially towards animals) men I know,” Burns told The Dodo. “He is truly that kind.”

John Danforth is one of the people Kidd usually delivers to as Danforth runs a silkscreening business from home. And although the two have become well-acquainted, Kidd has become even closer with Danforth’s dogs.

“When he comes to my place, they perk up and go running towards the road to greet him and bark!! Even on days I don’t get a delivery, they’ll hear the sound of his truck going by and, boy, they perk up and run to see as he passes by.”

“It feels good to know that they appreciate you coming,” he said. “They’re just looking for affection, too, that’s all.”

“There are two dogs I’ve known since they were puppies: Willie and Millie. They don’t allow FedEx to come around. They don’t allow anyone to deliver to the house but me.”

**Check out the short clip below to see footage of Kidd getting caught taking selfies with the dogs.**

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