Friendly Pig Waits To See Her Favorite UPS Driver Every Day.

Friendly Pig Waits To See Her Favorite UPS Driver Every Day. February 27, 2020

If you have any animals at home, or have ever had a special relationship with one, you understand how amazing it is to have a bond with one. You look forward to spending time with them, you enjoy giving them treats, and a lot of the time, they’re a great source of laughter. This delivery driver knows exactly what this type of bond feels like. In fact, the relationships he has with these different animals is one of his favorite parts of his job.After his long-term dedication to his job, Scott has learned how important it is to make sure he brings treats with him every single day. If he should forget, then a very sassy lady will have some words for him.

Miss Porkchop and Scott became friends three years ago while Scott was making a delivery to a vineyard in Newberg, Oregon. Scott was known for giving all of the pups treats when he would make deliveries, and Miss Porkchop caught on pretty quickly.

“She came right up to me along with the dogs, so I gave her a piece of my granola bar. After that, she started coming out to greet me every time I’d come for a delivery,” said Scott in an interview with The Dodo.

It didn’t take long for Scott to become Miss Porkchop’s favorite visitor. And he sure does love all the attention Miss Porkchop gives him, too.

“A lot of the time the dogs will come up into my truck waiting for their treat, but she can only get her front legs up on the steps since they’re too short to climb all the way in. Which is good because she’s 400 pounds and I’m not sure how we’d get her down,” said Scott.

The dogs typically get biscuits, but Miss Porkchop gets to enjoy granola, carrots, or apples. And now that Miss Porkchop is a proud mama, she even brings her piglets to see Scott on some days, as well!

“For a long time she was roaming free on the vineyard, but it tends to get really busy so now her and the piglets are in a large pasture with a fence. But even now, she’ll still meet me out there to say hi. She just comes running over,” said Scott.

He’s also made friends with some llamas, goats, and even some horses at an equine sanctuary. All of his animal friends know that when Scott pulls up they’ll be getting a delicious treat.

“I just love seeing the animals — it’s one of my favorite parts of my job. It’s a really fun thing to look forward to every day,” explained Scott.

**Imagine having to get a 400 lb pig out of your delivery truck!**