This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Apply Vaseline.

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Apply Vaseline. April 19, 2019

Lots of people are good at finding uses for things that they were never meant for. Then again, maybe they were. Duct tape is a great example as it can be used to fix just about anything. Vaseline is another one of those products that seems to have a million uses. Well, maybe not a million but certainly at least a couple of hundred. Today you will learn about twenty-six of those, which is just a fraction of things it can be used for. You might already know some of these, but you will certainly learn at least one new use for Vaseline today.When you lather some Vaseline on your eyelashes overnight you will see great results. They will be nice and conditioned and after continuous use they will become thicker.

Use a damp washcloth with some Vaseline and you can get those makeup stains right out of clothes. It also works on blankets, pillows and sheets.

Rubbing some Vaseline into your elbows will make them softer. It can reduce charred or cracked skin and make them soft and supple.

A woman should keep some in her purse at all times. If a nail emergency ever comes up, Vaseline just might save the day. Just rub some on the nail bed and fingernails.

If you put some Vaseline on a woman’s perfume points, it will actually help preserve the smell for much longer.

In the winter when dry or chapped lips can be an issue, Vaseline can be a lip saver. You can just apply it to your lips and use it as chapstick.

Never worry if you have a lipstick smudge on your teeth, Vaseline can once again save the day. It’s used often at beauty pageants. There is no word on if it works on shirt collars though.

Putting some Vaseline under eye shadow can give a woman a really cool glossy look. If mixed with lipstick it can make them look creamy.

Using it on your face is a great way to remove makeup. Using a Q-tip will give you the best results.

If you place some Vaseline all around your hairline before dying, it will prevent it from staining your skin.

Rubbing a small amount of Vaseline on the end of your hair can hide those split ends. Plus, it helps to condition it.

If you give your body a good rubbing prior to a spray tan, it just might save you some embarrassment. Everything should even out nicely for you.

When you are sick the nose always takes a beating. Putting some Vaseline around the edges every few hours will keep it from getting raw and red.

Vaseline can be the poor girl’s expensive cheek highlighter. Just put a little bit on there to create the glow you want.

If you get a rash from shaving try using a little Vaseline. It can cure your skin in a heartbeat!

While in the shower just mix some sea salt with Vaseline and you’ll find the best exfoliator that you ever dreamed of. The result will be skin so soft you’ll love it.

You can use it to lube up those earlobes and make it easier to put earrings in.

It can also take off that pesky glue that holds the fake lashes in place. Just a touch on a Q-tip will give you great results.

Putting some Vaseline on your eyebrows before plucking them will make the whole process easier for you. It will soften the skin and make plucking a little bit more pain free.

After you shave it’s the perfect thing for your skin. Give yourself a perfectly smooth finish with a coat of Vaseline.

It can also take scuffs out of boots or shine up those shoes for you. Vaseline is one of the most universal products in the world.

If you have nail polish bottles that are tough to open, there is a cure. Next time it’ open just put a little Vaseline inside the cover. You will never struggle to open it again.

You can bring attention to certain sections of your face by simply applying a little in the desired location. You can get that glow without using highlighter.

If you have dried or cracked feet you need your new friend Vaseline to help you out. It works wonders and can restore your feet to the way they once were.

This should be close by to any toilet. A little bit goes a long way in helping things stay clean, smooth, and unobstructed.

Putting a little bit of Vaseline on your body can help protect it during heavy activities. Focus on any parts that might have friction from rubbing or contact and you’ll find your skin in better shape afterward.