Vicious Fist-Fight Caught On Store’s CCTV, And People Say It’s Better Than UFC.

Vicious Fist-Fight Caught On Store’s CCTV, And People Say It’s Better Than UFC. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

No matter how heated of a conversation or argument you find yourself in, you should never initiate a physical fight — especially if you’re in public. If you can’t fix the issue verbally, you should at least take your personal matters elsewhere. That was definitely not the case for the two following men. A surveillance camera revealed a wild fight between the two inside a gas station’s store. Although we can’t hear any of the words that were exchanged between the two, it was obvious that the two had a lot of personal business between each other.The footage revealed two men engaging in a wild fight.

It is, however, possible that one of the two men fighting is an employee at the gas station.

Although no audio from the actual scene was available, you could tell the two were extremely angry at each other as they were in each other’s faces.

The man in the white made the first move by putting his hands around the other man’s neck.

As he swung him around, the surrounding shelves all fell down.

At this point, the two were evenly matched while going at each other with their fists.

Despite becoming shirtless, the man in white eventually overpowered his opponent.

The man in white, however, was able to get in more punches than his opponent.

On his third throw down, he managed to keep the other man on the ground as he was pushing him down.

At this point, he’s both shirtless and barefoot.

Normally we’d expect someone in his situation to run after the other guy, but instead, he walked out of the door in a calm manner.

It looked like he walked in immediately after the man in black walked out.

It seems likely that he was watching from outside the door the entire time.

We are unsure if the kid is at all related to any of the two men that were fighting, it can be assumed that he has some sort of relationship with the man in black.

But with violence like this, it must have been an extremely intense argument prior.

No matter the situation the two should have taken their personal matters elsewhere.

Furthermore, they fought in the presence of a little boy.

Had the boy somehow enter the store while the fight was going on, he could have been severely hurt.

And it is unknown whether or not either of the men were charged for all the damage they caused.

A part two to a fight like this could be even worse.

**To see the wild fight for yourself, proceed to the clip below.**

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