Vintage Fashion Rules We’re Pretty Sure You Should Break Today.

Vintage Fashion Rules We’re Pretty Sure You Should Break Today. January 10, 2019

Women’s views on beauty and fashion have progressed a lot over the years. What might have been deemed as inappropriate before is considered a part of the norm today. In 1968, the editors of *Seventeen* published a guide for young women called *The Seventeen Book of Fashion and Beauty*. Although the advice might have seemed useful back then, it is the completely useless and outdated in today’s generation. The book is filled with all sorts of shaming along with criticism and anorexia tips. Check out some direct quotes from the antiquated guide below. You’ll quickly grow grateful realizing how much the world has changed in the last five decades.It is never a woman’s fault for being catcalled. Women can dress however they want, smell however they want, doll up as much as they want and still be loved.

Some girls can use nothing but eyeliner, blusher and lipstick and still end up looking like a beauty.

Wearing clothes that reveal as much skin as a swimsuit in public doesn’t necessarily mean she’s putting herself on display. If a woman is comfortable in her skin, let her be.

Yes, a woman should always have good posture but that doesn’t mean slumped shoulders will automatically turn her invisible.

Not sure how this is applied to girls? Does this mean women should take photos in front of white or yellow backgrounds to show off their curves?

Hands do tell a lot about a person but that doesn’t mean a woman’s hands have to be soft and pretty. Rough hands are signs of a hard worker.

Who cares how you look when entering a car? Just enter the car whichever way is easiest, more than likely no one will notice a difference.

Is this trying to hint that you shouldn’t wear boldly colored glasses frames… because Audrey Hepburn is pulling it off quite well.

Or you can just shampoo your hair whenever you want, whenever you deem it’s in need of a good wash.

Although not a lot of women today still curl their hair using this method, there’s no shame in being seen in public with them on!

Date bags or purses come in all shapes and sizes. They can be small and dainty or they can be big like Mary Poppins’ status — chances are your date won’t care for the size of your purse.

Although navy colored shoes do come off more subtle, if you find a pair of vibrant blue shoes that you love, why the heck not?

In actuality, a girl can cross her knees and still look classy so look in the mirror all you want.

Pink is a fabulous color that doesn’t need to be restricted. You can wear it as an accessory or you can wear it as your whole outfit like Ann-Margret in her fabulous hot pink set.

A woman can wear any length of pants in any geographical location that she pleases. Bermuda shorts are not limited to only being worn in Bermuda.