18 Vintage Thanksgiving Photos History Buffs Will Gobble Up.

18 Vintage Thanksgiving Photos History Buffs Will Gobble Up. November 24, 2018

Thanksgiving has been celebrated for a very long time. Over the years the technology has changed the way food is cooked and how the celebrations are done but there are several constants that will never change. Technology helps things get done faster and more efficiently from cooking the turkey faster to more attractive floats at the parades around the country. Looking back at pictures from nearly a hundred years ago shows you a lot of the same things we see today. Only the pictures that are done now are usually done digitally and in color. The big feasts that are enjoyed by families, the Thanksgiving pageants that are performed by school students for their parent and of course the giant parades. The parades drew thousands of watchers each year and the crowds have grown bigger with each annual event. Not only that but now the big parades like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that takes place in New York City, is broadcast live around the entire country. The broadcast has become as much a part of the holiday as the turkey itself. You will see today a lot of photographs that have been taken over the years. While the dates on them go way back you’ll see that a lot of the basic traditions haven’t changed at all.