Photoshop Lets Us See This ‘Tiny’ Dog The Way She Sees Herself.

Photoshop Lets Us See This ‘Tiny’ Dog The Way She Sees Herself. June 22, 2018

If you haven’t already heard of Vivian the dog, you’re in for a big treat. Vivian is a mini dachshund owned by her human, Mitch Boyer. As of recently, Mitch has been photoshopping images of Vivian to make her in her “true size.” He wanted to capture her larger than life personality in a picture. As a result, he has created several realistic looking photos of Vivian being the same size as Clifford the Big Red Dog. Most dachshunds think they’re big dogs, but in this case, Vivian is literally huge. Vivian and Mitch have lived in four states, five cities, and ten different apartments and homes. They’ve finally settled in Brooklyn, New York and love it there. Vivian likes to believe she’s just as big as the city she lives in, and because of that, Mitch has been inspired to create a children’s book called “*Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn.*” The book is designed to help kids cope with big changes in their lives such as moving.

**Here’s a short video of Mitch the human explaining a little more on the children’s book.**