New Bill Will Make It Easier For Illegal Immigrants To Commit Voter Fraud

New Bill Will Make It Easier For Illegal Immigrants To Commit Voter Fraud March 11, 2021

During a party line vote on Thursday, Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats in the House passed H.R. 1, also known as the “For the People Act of 2019.” H.R. 1 is a huge federal intrusion into the constitutionally protected area of regulating and maintaining voter rolls in each state. As it turns out, the H.R. 1 bill is actually the perfect equation to bring in voter fraud. The Republicans in the House have even mocked the bill, calling it a “voter fraud and election theft” bill. Despite what the Democrats believe, the bill just allows even more room for election fraud to take place.

The first thing that the H.R. 1 bill would change is the kind of proof that people will have to show in order to register to vote. The number of illegal aliens registering to vote has greatly threatened the integrity of the American elections. In some states, there are thousands of illegal immigrants on the voter rolls. Luckily, Kansas, Arizona, Georgia, and Alabama have all addressed that problem by requiring voters to have proof of citizenship in order to register to vote.

Unfortunately, the efforts of those states would be completely in vain if H.R. 1 were to be made law. The new bill actually prohibits each state from requiring proof of citizenship by saying that a person simply needs to attest that they’re a citizen on their voter registration form in order to vote. It’s already been proven what happens when elections have been stolen because illegal immigrants have voted. Keep in mind the infamous J.J. Rizzo v. Will Royster case, in which 50 Somali nationals were coached to vote for Rizzo, tipping the election in his favor.

Even if the votes that illegal immigrants cast don’t completely change the outcome of the election, they do deprive Americans of their birthright. Every single time an illegal immigrant votes, it cancels out the vote of an American citizen. If H.R. 1 passes, even more Americans will have their right to vote essentially taken away from them.

One of the most precious rights of citizens of the United States is the right to vote. Sadly, a lot of the lawmakers on the Left are more than willing to give that right to whoever walks into the country. The Democrat-controlled city of San Francisco now allows illegal immigrants to vote in school board elections. While they were deliberating on H.R. 1, Dan Crenshaw from Texas offered a motion to recommit, which would have expressed that “allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States citizens.” Unfortunately, all but six House Democrats voted against the motion, killing its chances of making a difference.

H.R. 1 also makes it extremely easy for fraudulent voters to vote more than one time at multiple places. As of right now, most states use provisional ballots to help deal with voters that have changed their address. The provisional ballot allows voters to vote at the place nearest to their new home, but the election officials are able to verify the new residence in the days following the election. Once the new residence has been confirmed, the vote is added to the official tally.

But according to H.R. 1, the bill would force election officials to allow any voter to walk into any polling place and cast their vote. All they need to do is say that they’re new to the district and they’d be given a regular ballot – not a provisional one – and then their vote would be added to all of the other ballots. If it was discovered at a later point that the person lied about their situation, it would already be too late to do anything about it. What’s even worse is that the fraudulent voter could do it over and over again.

Voter roll databases are a bit difficult to keep track of, especially considering that millions of people change their address or pass away every year. If H.R. 1 is passed, keeping track of voter roll databases will be even harder. The new bill would force states to dump their data from multiple government and federal databases into the voter rolls so they can “automatically” register people to vote. The problem here lies in the fact that most of the databases are even more out-of-date than the voter rolls, which would cause millions of duplicate and inaccurate names to be added to the voter rolls – adding to the risk of voter fraud.

The Constitution of the United States puts the responsibility of determining the “time, place, and manner” of elections into the state’s hands. Although Congress is allowed to modify those rules in regards to federal elections, the state has the sole authority to define the qualifications of voters in their state. The H.R. 1 bill would replace the state rules for qualified voters with a federal system of voting for all.

Luckily, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that the Senate will not be passing the bill, and President Trump has made it very clear that he would veto the bill if it ended up on his desk. Hopefully, the Democrats will start thinking about the people before the next election.