Waiter Given A Huge Tip To Do Something SPECIFIC For Christmas.

Waiter Given A Huge Tip To Do Something SPECIFIC For Christmas. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It can be hard to know what to tip a waiter. One may argue that their wage should be suffice enough and a tip is just a bonus given out once in awhile. That is not the case, as those working in the service industry barely make minimum wage with restaurants putting it on the patrons to pay for the rest. Etiquette experts breakdown what you need to tip your waiter based on the level of customer service he or she provides. If the employee attending you while you ate gave you mediocre or poor service, 10 per cent tipping is acceptable. Adequate or average deserves 15 per cent, and excellent earns the waiter a 20 per cent tip. A diner at a Texan restaurant gave his waiter the biggest tip ever. It wasn’t that the food was spectacular or the restaurant was high-end, it was more an act of good-will.One of the patrons asked Millar about his accent. When Millar told him he was Irish, the man shared he was just there over the weekend for a concert. “I wish I could go back there for the weekend to visit my family,” replied Millar, not thinking much about it afterwards.

Although the baby is not due till after the holidays, the family is planning a trip to Ireland in the summer of 2017.

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