Denmark’s Spiral Treetop Walkway Is Scheduled To Open This Summer.

Denmark’s Spiral Treetop Walkway Is Scheduled To Open This Summer. March 2, 2020

An architecture studio called EFFEKT designed a treetop walkway that’s 600 meters long and connects to a spiraling observation tower, and it’ll knock your socks off. The one-of-a-kind tower offers a 360-degree view of the forest canopy in Hasley, Denmark. The tower and walkway is called the Treetop Experience and will be part of Camp Adventure, a park of aerial zip-lines in the forests of Glisselfeld Kloster, Haslev.The tower contains a Corten steel lattice, but you’d never know that the steel structural-supporting feature was even there. It’s so subtle, and yet it minimizes the obstruction of the magnificent view that surrounds guests.

The tower gives folks a chance to experience the true magic of the forest with a 360 ° view. Now there should be a fun way to get down, like a slide perhaps.

The base and crown of the tower are enlarged in order to offer better structural support, which guarantees safety for all guests, while allowing folks to have an easier visually interactive experience with the forest canopy.

The spiral 13-tier ramp of the observation tower will take you up, up, and away until you’re above the treetops themselves. Then you can bask in the 360-degree viewing platform way up high. You might not want to leave this place because it’s so peaceful.

It contains creeks, wetland areas, and lakes. Therefore, the walk is designed to split into two sections. The lower path will allow folks to enjoy the younger trees and saplings, while the higher path allows people to enjoy the older sections of the woods.

Guess will head on up around the first helical ramp, which will then flatten to an elevated path through the canopy.

Many folks can just sit around, relax, and get some eye candy treat from Mother Nature herself. The ramp will contain design features like an aviary, bleacher seating, as well as bridges and looping pathways to enhance the experience.

The designers intend to make the path so people in wheelchairs will be able to move around freely, and there’s enough space for everyone so you won’t feel claustrophobic as you make your way up or down.

The park currently has aerial zip lines, which can take you 25 meters high, and the new treetop climbing paths are expected to bring visitors from all over to view nature from a completely different perspective and experience this preserved forest at its finest.