24 Hauntingly Beautiful Photos Of Mountains That Will Give You Wanderlust.

24 Hauntingly Beautiful Photos Of Mountains That Will Give You Wanderlust. December 28, 2019

The Earth is full of beautiful places and people, but Mother Nature did an awesome job at creating herself one amazing body made of mountains, rocky monoliths, and rock face cliffhangers that are bound to make any travel eager to explore. Whether it’s about taking a selfie in an icy or rocky mountain peak or scaling one of the various geological wonders of the world, people can’t get enough of these places. Some go to snowboard, while others just go there to bask in what Mother Nature created, from the tip of the mountain all across the rocky terrain, right down to the ridges and crevices. So here are 24 of the most epic mountains around the world.Cerro Standhart is a region disputed by Argentina and Chile. At an elevation of 8,809 feet, it’s surrounded by three other mountains that include Punta Herron, Torre Egger, and Cerro Torre. But reaching the summit is difficult given the constant strong winds. If you make it you’ll see mushrooms of rime ice.

It’s the highest mountain in Grand Teton National Park and has plenty of routes, so even a cattle train, which is common, won’t be a problem. Mountain climbers with no previous experience manage to reach the summit, and has five ski routes that require at least one rappel.

The scenery is unforgettable with its seas of clouds, white rime, and the sun rising over the mountain. It’s also a place where many Buddhist temples were built, which has made it a major tourist attraction. It also has several peaks with stones wrapped around stunning vegetation like pine trees and peach trees.

The Chartreuse Mountain range is located on one of the largest cities in the area called Voiron. Aside from the limestone-dominated area, there are also plenty of cave passages underneath the hills that are worth exploring. Including the famous 60 km long Dent de Crolles, for those of you who prefer to stay grounded.

One of four mountains in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field has an elevation of 3,128 meters and you can enjoy a 4-day hiking trip around Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre too. You’d actually get to trek in an area disputed by Chile and Argentina. But the icy blue mountains are so worth a selfie or two.

In the springtime, hikers are privy to hiking trails that are virtually empty, except for wildflowers that make a perfect background for a photo. It’s also known for its diverse wildlife, such as coyotes, black bears, and ground hogs. You can’t miss Grotto, the popular waterfalls that cascade into the rivers of the park.

Aside from being able to explore the mountains, you also get to explore the Nepalese culture, like the Nepalese Sherpa, an ethnic group who have genetically adapted to high altitude and can jump their way up and down mountains using ropes and ladders all throughout Mt. Everest.

The little town of Odda not only offers the famous double waterfall found next to the road, but you also get to go hiking on the Trolltunga Mountain. Lay on a cliff overlooking the mountain peaks and the lake below. But brace yourself for a strenuous 22-kilometer hike across the wilderness landscape.

At an elevation of 3,560 feet, Snowdon is one of the highest points in Wales, and is one of the busiest mountains, because of the tourists and the Snowdon Ranger Youth Hostel. Garneed Ugain is part of Snowdon and is the second highest peak, so bring your climbing gear and prepare to mountaineer.

It’s considered the most popular climbing mountain in the Himalaya’s South West Ridge in with exposed rock ridges, dotting towers, and ice fields. Despite the sustained climb, which makes the level of difficulty and risk, moderate, three camps have been set up to give weary hikers a place to rest.

What makes this mountain different from others? For starters, you get to ride on a modern train through the mountain itself. There are two stops with two stations on your journey to the top of the mountain called Eigerwand and Eismer, which give you a spectacular view of the Alps.

El Capitan is a beautiful sheer rock face that will make you wonder how anyone can climb this thing. It’s unlike other cone-shaped mountains. This one, in particular, looks like a block of rock, and if you bring your binoculars, you can watch climbers as they ascend and descend the towering chief of El Capitan.

The highest peaks of Beijing are about 6,600 feet and surround the six-city districts from the northeast to the southwest. The area is perfect when you want to get away from the world with its sparsely populated area and farmland. The mountains also form a natural basin which captures air pollution.

At an elevation of 4,478 meters, the Matterhorn lies on the border between Italy and Switzerland and is one of the highest peaks. It’s also one of the Alp’s deadliest because the rock faces are steep, and avalanches tend to be common, but it’s still quite a beautiful site to look at.

The Alapamayo alps are covered in white snow, and make it seem like a cool icy super slide you’d love to ride down on. But its slippery slopes make it difficult to climb through the snow and ice, so to tackle Alpamayo, you’ll how to climb on the southwest face of the mountain.

This mountain range spans the border of three countries, China, India, and Pakistan. Mountain climbers risk snow storms, political conflicts, as well as avalanches when they try to climb the summit peak, but it’s only 700 feet lower than Mt. Everest and is shaped almost like a perfect pyramid.

The best time to go hiking in the Ogilvie Mountains is in the summer, as the terrain can get a bit treacherous in the winter. The rock in this area is made of igneous intrusion, which makes the mountain seem black. The jagged and vertical slopes are made of granite peaks, making it a sight worth seeing.

Even from a great distance, you can see the Black Tusk, with its 7,608 feet elevation, from any direction. The jagged mountain shape and black hues of this now extinct volcano is said to have been formed by the Squamish people’s mystical thunderbird’s lightning.

This group of mountains with an elevation of 1,728 meters, stretch all the way to the Salzach river which is a mixture of ice, water, and small marsh, which makes it popular to hikers who love visiting natural serves. In the summer you can just hike, but in the winter you might want to stay inside.

You can mountaineer your way through this 2,707-meter elevated monstrosity, but unless you have access to a boat, you’ll have to do a lot of hiking to get to the St. Mary trailhead where climbing can begin. Once you get to the northern slopes you can look down at the pine trees and the blue water down below.

Besides eating cheese, and chocolate truffles, you can go backpacking to the Eiger, Bernese Alps in search of the famous magic mushrooms called psilocybin. While there’s no actual magic to them, their hallucinogenic properties will make the scenery of the surrounding alps seem mystical.

The Ten Peaks border, which includes Moraine Lake, can be reached by driving through the road by Lake Louise. Just don’t be surprised if you run into the Nakoda tribe, who are also known as the “Stoney Indians.”

Mount Fitzroy is located near Viedma Lake and the El Chalten village, and remains a border problem for the people of Argentina and Chile. Rarely do trekkers manage to find access to the entire glacier so they tend to stick around the Neff and Colonia glaciers, which have a lower elevation.

Another stunning view of the Cerro Torre, also known as the second largest contiguous extrapolar ice field, proves there’s no shortage of breathtaking views in the Argentinian region of Patagonia. The border isn’t really defined and the land is disputed by Argentina and Chile, even to this day.