Want To Feel Like Royals, Travel With This Top 10 Luxurious Train

Want To Feel Like Royals, Travel With This Top 10 Luxurious Train March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Traveling is an integral part of our life. While some of us save money in order to go to more destinations, others don’t mind overpaying and would rather travel to places more luxuriously. Want to travel fast and efficiently? You have flights. But some rather enjoy the journey more than the destination. And for those trains are the best options.

It is believed that train travel is a relic of the old world. In some ways, that is correct. Luxury trains were the most opulent method to travel long distances. It is an excellent way to see various different areas without having to move bags from one location to the next. There’s something quite unique about these opulent train journeys that transport you back to a different era. These are the top ten most luxurious trains in the world right now, with itineraries that go far beyond your imagination and a beautiful blend of elegance and magnificent vistas.

The Royal Rajasthan On Wheels (also known as the Palace on Wheels) is focused on the interior. The train comes with 23 gorgeous carriages. Each carriage only has three cabins, the passenger quarters are roomier. The aesthetic effect of the design is simply astounding — luxurious carpets, drapes, and velvet bed linens greet you in your cabin.

There is a library, a bar, and a Rejuvenation Spa Car. The Maharaja and Maharani restaurant vehicles deliver the finest cuisine and beverages.

The Inca Route System was a feat of engineering about 600 years ago when residents used to walk the 25,000 miles of road on foot or by a llama. Guests may now travel in style aboard the Belmond Andean Explorer. The railway departs from Cusco, Peru’s historic capital, and travels over the Andean Plains to Lake Titicaca.

Because of Peru’s great height, this train claims to be one of the world’s tallest. Inside, the cars are decked up with Peruvian touches, such as alpaca wool tapestries on the bed and pisco sours served in the back observation bar car.

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is legendary for a reason. The train travels from London to Venice, stopping in Paris and Verona along the route. Cars are decked in Art Deco finery, creating a sense of old-school grandeur. Food is obtained along the route, so when you get down to supper, you can find lobsters from Brittany or crisp tomatoes from Provence on your dish.

After dinner, visit the champagne bar for a celebration that will transport you back to the golden age of luxury travel. It will transport you to the early twentieth century. This train even has its own souvenir shop!

The Blue Train, as you can see in this shot, is… well, blue. It connects two of South Africa’s most important cities, Cape Town and Pretoria, over a distance of about 1,600 kilometers. It’s also one of the world’s most luxurious trains, with butler service, two charming lounge cars (one for smokers, the other for non-smokers), an observation car, and fully carpeted soundproof compartments, each with your own en-suite.

Several of the compartments include complete bathtubs, which are essential in the hot African sun. The two-day Blue Train is widely regarded as one of the best shorter luxury train journeys in the world.

Rocky Mountaineer is a Canadian rail-tour operator that runs four routes across British Columbia, Alberta, and Washington State in the United States. Founded in 1990, this family-owned firm has swiftly grown to become the world’s biggest privately-owned tourist train operator, now servicing over 1.7 million passengers on all of its routes.

This railway boasts spectacular glass-domed observation cars that provide breathtaking views of the Canadian Rockies. For the whole experience, there are also open-air viewing carriages.

The Seven Stars in Kyushu, a two-day round journey from Hakata to Nagasaki and Yufuin, is unquestionably Japan’s best luxury train experience. A four-day alternative is also available for individuals with extra cash who want to enjoy (yep, a seven-star train trip).

Trains in Japan are amazing, but something about the Seven Stars stands out. From the walls to the cabins to the washbasins, it is a stunning celebration of Japanese art. Riders on the Seven Stars will get up and personal with both mountains and the beach on multi-day journeys across Kyushu.

This train is green and gold, as befits a gift in this region. The Eastern & Oriental Express runs between Bangkok and Singapore, going through the best of the region’s villages, temples, and beauty. There are excursions to Kuala Lumpur and Kanchanaburi, as well as a visit to the River Kwai Bridge.

All four cabin types are air-conditioned and include an en-suite shower and toilet. There are also international electrical sockets. Aside from the superb restaurant and bar carriages, there is a fantastic observation car from which to watch the world go by.

To say the least, the Royal Scotsman is a stunning train. This incredible train, which can only accommodate 36 passengers, will take you on a memorable journey through the Highlands, enabling you to visit some of Scotland’s most important locations while traveling in unprecedented splendor and five-star comfort.

The train is also run by Belmond, which comes as no surprise, and it consists of 10 amazing cars: two dining cars, five state cars, one crew car, a magnificent observation car, and even a stunning SPA vehicle.

The Maharajas’ Express is one of the most prestigious trains in the world. It has been named the “World’s Leading Luxury Train” seven times at the World Travel Awards! There are four routes available, all of which depart from Delhi. All four routes involve a visit to the world-famous Taj Mahal.

The luxury and magnificence of India’s most elegant décor and food pervade every inch of this train. The restaurants, lounge bar, suites, and junior rooms are all immaculately maintained and serviced.

The Golden Eagle is a bird of prey that The Trans Siberian Express is regarded as the world’s biggest rail ride. From Moscow, this luxurious train links east and west across the Urals. Along the way, the visitors will see the spectacular and unending grassland as well as the beach of the world’s largest freshwater lake. Two restaurants with a total capacity of 64 people are available.

The Ornate Bar Car, which is considered a social hub, is also included in the luxury train. A piano and pianist are available for the visitors’ amusement. Bar beverages are offered in the Gold and Imperial-class accommodations as a basic bar list and a premium bar list, respectively. The refreshments are complimentary for Silver Class attendees.

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