Want To Live Forever? Here’s How Some People Are Doing It

Want To Live Forever? Here’s How Some People Are Doing It March 31, 2023Leave a comment

It doesn’t matter what generation you were born in, or what country you reside in, chances are, if you had the opportunity to live forever, you’d take it—right? Being granted the gift of life is something truly magical, which is why the pharmaceutical industry has invested billions into anti-aging technology. However, they’re not the only industry thinking about what it takes to live forever…

Extending ones life is at the forefront of most people’s minds, as we all want to take control of the one thing, that as of now, we don’t have total control over—how long we’re going to live. We can eat properly and live an overall healthy lifestyle, but in the end, we can lose the race. No one is ever ready to pass, nor is anyone ever ready to deal with their loved ones passing, which is why it’s time to take control.

The thought of making a will, or assigning important roles like trustee or executer, can cause stress and anxiety because it forces you to deal with the realization of your mortality and all the emotions that come with it. But take it from someone who has lost a parent at a young age, it’s vitally important to make sure you have all your ducks in a row before that day comes; not only for your piece of mind, but for the one’s you leave behind. So listen up, because there are a few ways you can make dealing with the end of live decisions easy for everyone involved. Not to mention, you may discover a way to live forever.

Taking the time to download an app like [Tomorrow] (https://tomorrow.me) can make all those important decisions about your assets and life insurance easier than ever before. The app is great because you can handle all of the necessary tasks, like, compiling a will, assigning trustees, and choosing the right life insurance in minutes. Not to mention, you can change any information that you’ve uploaded AT ANY time, making it easy for your choices to reflect exactly what you want, always. The best part is, you’ll always have this information on you, because it’s right in your phone.

Having life insurance can be hugely beneficial, not only to your family members who are left engulfed in grief, but for your future, too. You read that correctly, your FUTURE. You’re probably thinking, “How am I going to have a future after I am dead?” Depending on your faith, you might have a predetermined answer to that question. However, a company named Alcor has taken the necessary steps to ensure that if that future comes, you’ll be here to experience it.

Ever heard of Cryonics? Well if you haven’t, don’t be intimidated because it’s a fairly new science. Cryonics is a highly scientific cooling process, which intends to preserve the human body for decades, even centuries. Although technology is not advanced enough to bring someone back from the other side quite yet, leading researchers believe that soon, it will be a reality. The leading expert in cryonics happens to be the company Alcor.

Alcor describes their process and how it works, “Human embryos are routinely preserved for years at temperatures that completely stop the chemistry of life. Adult humans have survived cooling to temperatures that stop the heart, brain, and all other organs from functioning for up to an hour. These and many other lessons of biology teach us that life is a particular structure of matter. Life can be stopped and restarted if cell structure and chemistry are preserved sufficiently well.” Alcor is determined to make the human species live forever.

It’s important to note, what Alcor does, is not the same as freezing. However, it is similar, “The state of no ice formation at temperatures below -120°C is called vitrification. It is now possible to physically vitrify organs as large as the human brain, achieving excellent structural preservation without freezing”. The goal is, that when the time comes that human tissue can be brought back to life, the people who took part in this process will be restored back to a healthy state. It’s the same process that fertility doctors use to preserve their patients eggs.

If you’re trying to live forever, it only makes sense that you’d be interested in cryonics, Alcor, and how you can take part. Well I have some great news for you—you can pay for the process using part of your life insurance! So the next time you’re using your Tomorrow app, you can choose the right life insurance that is compatible with Alcor and their services to ensure you’re apart of the process.

You may be wondering how Alcor is predicting that the technology to bring you back will be developed in the near future, and you’re right to question it. The advancement in health sciences is related to nanotechnology. The advancement of nanotech will eventually lead to devices that will restore the human body on the molecular level, theoretically “restarting” the body.

Almost 100 people have already been cryopreserved since the first to do so in 1967. Nearly 100,000 more people have set up legal and financial arrangements with their life insurance policies for the future process. It seems that Alcor has caught the attention of many, prompting more and more people to start thinking about Tomorrow, today.

Alcor offers not one service, but two. On their website, it states that they can cryopreserve your entire body at a cost of around $200,000, or just your head at roughly $80,000 (see their website for more detailed information regarding pricing options). It seems like quite the chunk of change but we’re talking about your life here people! No need to worry, there are ways to make this happen.

All of this information is pretty exciting, isn’t it? The idea that in the near future we may be able to extend life beyond our current comprehension of it is absolutely magnificent. However, not everyone is going to be able to do it, and there are many steps to be taken in between. For example, did you know that not all insurance policies or wills are valid in all 50 states? Don’t worry though; I have a solution to help you figure it out.

Unfortunately, many things can go wrong during legal processes, including those surrounding the end of life. The last thing you want to do is go through the hassle of setting up a will and choosing a life insurance policy, only to have your family members find out it’s not valid or comprehensive. Which is another reason why the app [Tomorrow] (https://tomorrow.me/) can take the stress of your back and do it all for you by insuring all your documents are legal and in line with your wishes.

In the end, it’s your life, and it’s ultimately your decision on how you want it to go, even in the end. If you’re into the idea of living forever, then I suggest you do more search on Alcor and their services; and if you’re not, that’s okay too. Regardless of if you’re into cryopreservation or not, everyone should take the time to take care of those financial and legal chores regarding the end of life, and I suggest you use the [Tomorrow] (https://tomorrow.me/) app to save you some serious time and energy. After all, time is the most precious thing of all.

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