19 Hysterically Weird Items Of Clothing For Sale Online Right Now.

19 Hysterically Weird Items Of Clothing For Sale Online Right Now. June 15, 2019

Fashion can either be bold and daring, or totally ridiculous, but if there’s one thing we can say is that it’s rarely dull or boring. Then again, how many different versions of a handbag, T-shirt, or dress can a designer come up with before they start repeating someone else’s work? So when this happens, designers start coming up with clever new ways to make an old concept look completely different. However, in some cases, it’s a total fashion fail. Just check out these items that are actually being sold right now and will surely leave you speechless because of how bad they are.Imagine if you have to pass gas while wearing one of these things. It’ll fog everything right up and god forbid there should be something “extra” there, as everyone will know what you did. Plus, what happens if you get sweaty in nasty places? Nope!

Think about it! If you’re out and about, it’ll be a lot harder to grab your purse and run. Maybe they could, but they’d have to break your arm off in the process.

It’s going to be hard to avoid getting bit by a rattlesnake or getting your toes stepped on by a horse or even avoid getting poop on your foot with these cowboy boot sandals. Talk about uselessness.

Even the guy modeling has a WTF look on his face. But it looks comfy too, and has a neck pillow, and 4 pairs of praying hands.

They probably cost a fortune and they’ll make everyone want to gauge their eyes out with a pair of scissors. It’s so 50 shades of ugly.

It’s the perfect statement piece to announce to the world that the weekend is almost here. We’re sure Two-Face from Batman would totally approve this Frankenstein mesh of fabric.

Don’t worry! No one would ever dare approach you again wearing something this hideous. It looks a bunch of super sized moths took chunks out of this jacket.

Why??? They’re so ugly. What’s someone suppose to use those frills for? To scrub the floor? Maybe they’re meant to cushion the knees when you get frisky with someone. Some people just aren’t meant to be designers.

It’ll turn you into one of the Minions. What’s the point of this ridiculous jumpsuit anyway? Is someone out there trying to ensure that you’ll die alone?

Why pay that much for something you could do on your own? Maybe because it’s easier to wear a pair of these and tell your wife that you were doing yard work all day instead of drinking beer and watching the game.

Actually, that’s an understatement because the only way most of us would be caught wearing these jeans is if we were dead. Now, if you’re trying to dust the floor with your legs and feet, you’re in business.

Seriously! No! Sandals and socks in general are so ghetto, but this is just the death of fashion. What the hell, Gucci? We expected something more cunning from you.

It just makes you want to pull every single tab in this blue fringed denim jacket right off. Our insides are screaming in absolute horror at this atrocity.

Even the model looks disappointed to be wearing these jean culottes. It makes you want to write an open letter to the designer begging them to choose another line of work.

Hopefully he was well compensated for wearing a stupid fake collar insert. This is so 1960s, but we could actually imagine Howard Wolowitz from “The Big Bang Theory” sporting one of these.

If you tan easily on a sunny day, you’ll wind up with a bunch of polka dots on your chest and back. Then the only reason women would even approach you would be to play connect the dots.

We doubt most moms would even be caught dead wearing a pair of these. They probably have better things to spend their money on like food for the family.

Our guess is that a freaking podiatrist designed these so he could drum up some serious business. We honestly can’t see anyone being able to stand in these for even a second. Maybe it was designed for BDSM, so you’d have no choice but to get on your knees.

They look like those boots that they give you at the hospital when you sprain your ankle. Not today, Satan!