Kind Strangers Are Placing Coats And Scarves Around The Streets Of Bristol To Help Homeless People.

Kind Strangers Are Placing Coats And Scarves Around The Streets Of Bristol To Help Homeless People. February 27, 2020

During the winter, things can get pretty chilly. Now aren’t you glad you have a nice, comfy home full of blankets, heaters, and maybe even a fireplace? Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as we are. There are a lot of homeless people out on the streets with virtually no resources to stave off the cold. The city of Bristol in England can get particularly chilly. But the people here have warm hearts and they’re also leaving warm clothes throughout the town to help homeless people stay warm and avoid freezing their buns off. If you ever lost faith in humanity, this story will restore it in a quick second.People in Bristol have found a way to help the homeless by leaving gloves, scarves, and hats out for the homeless. It’s a good thing too, because a wave of cold weather has just swept the city, and the less fortunate really needed all the help they could get.

Gavyn Emery began this movement in the summer of 2015 and is now run by several volunteers from the nearby community. The campaign encourages people to tie clothing items to railings and posts with a note.

Every note says, “I am not lost. If you are in need, please take me to keep warm.” Imagine the sense of relief that this must bring to the homeless who are trying to survive the wind chills that occur during the winter.

It must have been quite confusing for people to walk around and find entire streets filled with winter clothing accessories. But the label pretty much cleared things up and it gave people hope that humanity still has a shot.

If you think your hands and feet went numb during the winter, imagine not having a place to find shelter from the cold. But as the temperatures continue to plummet in Bristol, there will be a lot warmer and grateful homeless people in the city.

Locals know how cold it can get in Bristol, but now they know that there are people looking out for those who can’t. This movement is making folks love the city even more than they probably did to begin with.

The movement feels that the more awareness there is, the higher the chances that they can raise money to continue buying winter items to help the homeless, because they’re aware of their struggles and they care.