WARNING: Looking At This First-Class Cabin Will Make You Hate Coach Even More.

WARNING: Looking At This First-Class Cabin Will Make You Hate Coach Even More. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

At $38,000 for a one way ticket from Mumbai to New York City, Etihad Airways is where you’ll find the most expensive scheduled commercial flight in the world. The journey includes a stopover at Abu Dhabi. As national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad has broken its previous record of $32,000 for a ride in what many are calling the ‘penthouse in the sky.’ With this ticket, you will be escorted to a private luxury suite — a three room private cabin — called The Residence. You’ll have more than enough leg room in your bedroom, shower room, and lounge area. You’re also assigned a personal butler. The experience is available on Airbus A380, a double decker and the world’s largest passenger airliner. Economy and business class seats are also available, and they appear to be an upgrade from your average airline experience. Continue reading for photos and details of each of the tiers below.Singapore Airlines launched their use of the Airbus A380 in 2007, and in 2014, Etihad Airways launched theirs.

As you can seem there are two floors. Those with economy, business, and first class tickets will be on the first floor while the top floor is reserved for The Residence ticket holders only.

The Economy Class is beautifully designed and spacious. The interior is desert colored themed, which inspires a sophisticated and calming mood.

Each seat is provided with an LCD TV to get through passengers through the long flight.

If you’ve secured a Business Class ticket, you’re offered onboard café service, a boutique wine list, and award-winning cuisine.

There are also partitions for privacy and the option to convert your chair into a bed for maximum comfort.

The space is organized so that every seat has direct aisle access and convenient storage space.

Etihad Airways looked at boutique hotels for inspiration when designing The lobby. You can relax with a private group or socialize with other guests.

It’s also perfect for business meetings or watching a sporting event.

These are similar to what you’d receive on any other flight: socks, earplugs, combs, and more.

If you’ve got a first class ticket, you can opt for a First Apartment or a First Suite. The privacy was described by one passenger as “phenomenal.”

While the First Suite comes with a seat that converts into a bed, the First Apartment comes with an upholstered section with Italian luxury leather, a wide armchair, and a separate couch that converts into a bed.

Enjoy the comfort of complimentary loungewear and stow away your clothing in a full-length wardrobe.

You are also given a widescreen TV with both options. Sliding doors are provided for added privacy.

If you’d like, you can take down the partition to chat with your neighbor.

With quality lighting and luxurious toiletries, you won’t be rushing back to your seat anytime soon. Next, check out the area that would cost you nearly $40,000.

First of all, you have 3 rooms all to yourself, or you can share it with a partner. Take a look at the rest of the amenities.

The Residence was first introduced in late 2014 along with a revamping of all other ticket areas.

The 6-foot 10-inch double bed is covered with Italian bed linen. Entertainment is provided by a 27-inch flat-screen TV with noise cancelling headsets and you can request breakfast in bed (the chef can also cook up your favorite dish, whatever your heart desires).

You can unwind in your full-height shower. It even comes with bathrobes, a vanity unit, and hairdryer so you can look and feel fresh before stepping off the plane.

$38,000 is what some folks make in a year! Would you spend it on a luxurious one way flight? Considering the price tag, tell us which features impressed you and which ones you would improve.

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