Watch Baby’s Hysterical Reaction When Dad Says ‘Whazzupp.’

Watch Baby’s Hysterical Reaction When Dad Says ‘Whazzupp.’ April 1, 2023Leave a comment

One has to wonder if one of the most popular, iconic Budweiser campaigns was created by a fluke, the kind of great idea that happens when ad writers drink too much Bud in the writing room and start to push the boundaries of what a commercial can be. You remember it, don’t you? Here was the concept of the commercial: Guys on game day drinking Budweiser calling each other on the phone while saying “Whazzzupppp” over and over to one another. That’s it. That’s the commercial. It seems weird to think about it in its most literal terms, but it was Budweiser’s most successful commercials ever, and one that many of us still quote from time to time today. And, if this video is any indication, it’s probably the only Budweiser schtick that has the power to make a baby lose his mind laughing. When dad says “Whazzuppp,” this kid can barely contain himself.

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