Watch The Moment A Seagull (Literally) Escapes The Jaws Of Death.

Watch The Moment A Seagull (Literally) Escapes The Jaws Of Death. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

For those lucky enough to live close to the ocean, they are accustomed to the presence of seagulls. These birds always seem to be hungry, ready to take on a prey or scavenge for their next meal. In fact, these birds penchant for food makes them quite annoying for humans and other animals. Their constant squawking and lack of fear towards people makes them quite daring. Seagulls are highly intelligent birds who have been observed to use tools such as bread to catch fish. They are also not picky eaters who will eat just about anything it gets its feathers on. These birds may have something in common with cats in that they have more than one life. Or at least that’s the case for one lucky seagull whose end was too close for comfort.The tuna fish knew exactly when to open its mouth to devour its snack.

Robert Llorens Sulivera and his wife noticed the tourists enjoying their feeding activity in the port of L’Escala, Girona, when he took the video.

In a scene that looks like it was taken from a cartoon the sardine got eaten by the bird and the bird was eaten by the tuna fish.

Luckily, for the bird tuna fish do not eat birds.

The seagull saw this as the perfect opportunity to make its getaway promptly.

This bird might be avoiding food thievery for awhile.

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