Watch This Guy Swim In A Pool Full Of Coke And Mentos… Ouch.

Watch This Guy Swim In A Pool Full Of Coke And Mentos… Ouch. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

When it comes to over-the-top and/or wacky experiments, we’re totally in favor of all of them (provided that they’re relatively safe, of course). We like it even more when the brave orchestrator of said experiment manages to get the entire thing on video or in photos, providing us with Internet content that simply demands to be shared and enjoyed. This is one of those experiments. Conducted by a kid named Ryan, the experiment involves a 1,500 gallon pool full of Coca-Cola, a bucket of Mentos, several bags of ice, and one very unlucky drone camera. You can probably venture a guess on where this is going, but it’s definitely worth checking out the photos below and seeing for yourself. Though we get to see the experiment from start to finish, we just have a few questions, the most pressing being: Where the heck did he get all of that Coke from?But you can’t help but notice that the water in the pool is a little bit too…dark to be water. So what’s going on here?

First of all, that’s a lot of soda. Second of all, it would definitely make for an uncomfortably sticky swim, don’t you think?

And he had a plan for a little experiment. Do your recognize what’s in the bucket by the bags of ice?

His plan? Add the Mentos and ice to the pool of Coke, and hopefully get the same frothy reaction that you get when you add Mentos to a bottle.

He hoped to capture the entire reaction with a drone camera.

As you can see, the entire pool is starting to fizz.

The surface of the pool starts to get really frothy as the Mentos dissolve into the pool with the ice.

“I feel like I’m in a pool of Coke, man” Ryan said after he jumped in. He said the mixture felt “smooth” and “fizzy” against his skin.

It only makes sense, you know?

No harm in pouring some Coke into your pool of Coke, eh?

They’d planned to film the reaction, but things went slightly awry.

It got completely soaked with the Coke/Mentos concoction.

But really nothing much WOULD survive after being submerged in a 1,500 gallon tub of Coke, you know?

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