Watch What Happens When New Father Gives Wife’s Dirty Shirt To Crying Baby.

Watch What Happens When New Father Gives Wife’s Dirty Shirt To Crying Baby. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

One of the hardest things to listen to is a child screaming because they want their mother. While most of the time children that want their mother are completely inconsolable, this child had an amazing papa by his side. When a friend passed on a piece of valuable parenting advice, this new father took it with a grain of salt. That was until he needed to use it….When this man’s wife had somewhere she needed to be, he and their 3-month-old boy were left by themselves to enjoy their day. Unfortunately, the baby had other plans in mind.

If you’ve been a new papa before, then you can definitely understand how frustrating it can be to console a baby who just wants Momma. Fortunately, this father had a plan up his sleeve that he learned from another dad who had experienced the same thing.

No, he wasn’t going to start teaching the 3-month-old baby how to do his own laundry. And he wasn’t hiding in the laundry room to drown out the infant’s cries. Instead, he grabbed one of his wife’s shirts and placed it underneath the baby’s nose.

According to a reader, “Newborn babies can’t focus their eyes so they rely on their sense of smell,” so giving the baby a piece of their mother’s clothing made the baby think that their mama was right beside them! This just goes to prove that the bond between a child in their mother is unbreakable!

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