Waves Turned Human Trash Into Earth’s Most Astonishing Beach.

Waves Turned Human Trash Into Earth’s Most Astonishing Beach. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

For many years Glass Beach was a spot in Russia that nobody could walk on. The name was given because the beach was littered with old wine bottles, vodka bottles, and beer bottles. They were all broken from their time in the water after being dumped off of boats and ships. They would wash up on shore and the beach was literally covered with broken glass. Now, decades after this started happening, the glass is now smooth and a very popular destination to visit. The water over that amount of time, eventually rounds off the sharp edges of the broken glass. The beating the glass pieces take in the water for that long turns them into smooth, colorful pieces that look like gem stones. It’s not an overnight process though. It takes decades for one piece of broken glass to be turned into this beautiful sight. Now that enough of them have been transformed, this once unwalkable beach is now one of the most beautiful areas in the world. People love to visit it and pick out their favorite pieces and take them home. Collecting gorgeous looking pieces like these can’t be a bad hobby at all. Have you planned your trip yet?If you ever visit Ussuri Bay, near Vladivostok, in Russia, you’ll want to visit Glass Beach. It’s a sight like you’ve never seen before.

The beach is made up of old pieces of glass from wine, beer and vodka bottles. Over time the water has smoothed the glass pieces out and made them into beautiful jewel like pieces.

Glass Beach is surrounded by frozen cliffs. It’s one of the most beautiful views in all of the world.

For a long time, the beach could not be walked on because of the shards of broken glass. Now that the water has smoothed out those pieces over the decades, it’s a popular place to go.

The Russian Government has realized how special the area is. They have made it a specially protected zone to preserve the natural beauty.

During the summer time it’s become very popular with tourists. They love to pick out their favorite gem like pieces and take them home.

The green, blue and red smooth gem like pieces of glass sparkle against the black volcanic sand and the white snow. It creates views that are hard to match anywhere else in the world.

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