Bride-To-Be Receives Mystery Package With A Note That Gives Her Chills.

Bride-To-Be Receives Mystery Package With A Note That Gives Her Chills. July 25, 2020

Weddings come full of surprises, but usually, when you run into an obstacle or an unexpected surprise, it’s usually bad, like when an unexpected thunderstorm ruins an outdoor wedding, or when the flower shop closes because everyone got the flu. It can be a real pain to make a wedding day go off without any issues. So, when someone even mentions the word “surprise,” it’s only natural that the bride would panic. But Mary Hall found a surprise in the form of a mysterious package a few days before her wedding, and there was nothing terrifying about what was inside. If anything, it was something that was destined to make her wedding day even more special.The couple, who live in Evansville, Indiana, were confident that they had planned everything correctly, so naturally, they expected everything to go according to plan so they could get hitched, and live happily ever after.

He could have opened the package himself and the mystery would have been solved then and there, but he decided to be a good guy and wait for his fiancée to arrive so they could take a look at the box together.

Hall had no idea what was in the box, but once she opened it, she would realize that it was something that she would treasure forever. But first she had to look inside, and when she did, the first thing she did was read.

Hall got chills. The letter was written by the Felker family, who lived in Illinois, which was hundreds of miles away from them. As Neese continued to read, Hall literally started to get goosebumps all over her body.

Chuck and Mary Felker had passed away, but their children wanted to give the soon-to-be-married couple a keepsake that was extremely sentimental, as well as their blessings for a long, fresh, wonderful life together.

They explained how their parents had been married for 62 years and how they had been happy and loving to one another all that time. The letter went on to explain how Chuck and Mary Felker loved to dance and were positive role models in the community.

They wanted to give Hall and Neese a touching wedding gift in the form of engraved champagne glasses that had belonged to their late parents from La Crosse, Wisconsin. But there was more than one surprise and it wasn’t inside the box.

Receiving congratulations from people wasn’t uncommon for a couple who was about to get married. But to get such a sentimental gift from strangers who Google searched and found their wedding registry online was unbelievable, and touching.

She also wanted her bridesmaids to wear comfortable shoes under their dresses as well. So, she found it a bit ironic that the box that the letter and the gift had come in was none other than a Converse shoe box.

This felt more like a sign that everything was going to go exactly according to plan, but that didn’t mean that Hall wasn’t blown away by the box that the Felkers had used. After all, what were the odds that they’d use a shoe box with the brand and style of shoes that Hall had intended to use all along?

The couple was so touched by the Felkers that they decided to send them an invitation to their wedding. There’s no word on whether they were able to attend, but Hall certainly wanted them there to thank them.

Lily’s wedding is still years away, but when she does get hitched, Hall and Neese intend to continue the tradition that the Felkers began and find another couple with the same name and send the champagne glasses to them.

The glasses were also a great way to toast to Hall and Neese’s happy union and to wish them many happy years together. And thanks to such a random act and a lovely gift, these two have started a wedding tradition that will hopefully continue for generations to come.