These Are The 20 Most Share-Worthy Wedding Photos Of All Time.

These Are The 20 Most Share-Worthy Wedding Photos Of All Time. January 17, 2017

If you are of the mindset that all wedding photos are generally the same, you may want to reconsider your position after looking at the pictures below. These far-from-ordinary wedding photos stand out for their originality, artistry as well as perfectly capturing the memorable day. [The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers][1] (ISPWP) is an organization whose members are considered amongst the very best and brightest photographers in the world. Every year, its members hold a contest to recognize the most outstanding images captured. A total of 80 photographers are chosen from 20 categories. One can only assume picking out a fan favorite when all photos are nothing short of fantastic is a difficult task and not intended for the novice shutterbug. However, a jury of peers carefully inspects each picture and crowns the winners. Here is a look at 20 standout photos for 2014 that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. [1]: http://www.ispwp.com/best-wedding-photography-of-2014-ispwp-1st-place-contest-winning-images.htmlTatyana Chaiko | Odessa, Ukraine

Sierra Blanco Photography | Phoenix, Arizona

RAMAN-PHOTOS | Frankfurt, Germany

Mariano Sfiligoy Wedding Photography | Santiago, Chile

Emin Wedding Photography | New York City, New York

Erik Clausen | San Francisco, California

LOOK FOTOGRAFIA | Zaragoza, Spain

We-Sweet Photography | Taipei, Taiwan

OAT-CHAIYASITH | Bangkok, Thailand

Matous Duchek | Prague, Czech Republic

Wellington Fugisse | Silves, Portugal

Carey Nash Photography | Edmonton, Alberta

Dennis Jagusiak | Wiesbaden, Germany

Lmfoto PL | Cracow, Poland

NIU+ Wedding Photography Studio | Chongqing, Chin

OAT-CHAIYASITH | Bangkok, Thailand

Visual PC Studio | Vigo, Spain

Dreamtime Images | Denver, Colorado

Dan photographe | Paris, France

Clovergraphy | Sydney, Australia