20 Couples Who Lost Weight For Love And Proved ANYTHING Is Possible.

20 Couples Who Lost Weight For Love And Proved ANYTHING Is Possible. August 14, 2018

It’s easy to fall into a comfortable routine when you are with your other-half. Everyday things like work, university, and family life, take priority over things like exercising or joining a sports team. And as the months and years pass, it is only natural that we gain weight. Some couples dealing with being overweight or obese, discover that losing those extra pounds can take months if not years to get there. Nonetheless, getting there makes the journey easier when the two of them are doing it together. Here are examples of couples who transformed their bodies through diet and exercise. Their amazing results are nothing short of inspiring. It took a lot of hard work but all of these husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, can take a lot of pride knowing they did it together.Nonetheless, they waited five years to walk down the aisle. The reason? They wanted to be in shape before tying the knot.

Mark lost 126 pounds while his wife lost 84 pounds.

They shed it together and now the husband feels like Superman.

Instead, they chose to stop eating desserts late and work out together.

The husband and wife lost 500 pounds together. That’s practically two grown men in terms of size.

Together they have lost an impressive 325 pounds.

They not only lost the weight together but their kids were present to see their amazing transformation.

The wife lost 109 pounds while he lost 129 pounds. It took them one and half years to reach their ideal goal.

This pair made the decision to sell their car. This forced them to walk everywhere.

Together they lost 518 pounds.

It took 19 months but Justin and Lauren lost an astounding 538 pounds together.

Goes to show that exercise and healthy eating pays off.

Eileen lost 18 pounds while Timothy lost 36 pounds. The couple admit they felt energetic as soon as they began to eat better and exercise.

Together they lost 336 pounds. They can now fit into one of Noel’s old shirt.

After making diet and exercise part of their daily lives they lost 317 pounds together.

In preparation for their wedding, the two decided to lose weight before the big day. They lost 203 pounds together.

The paleo diet excludes all processed foods. Crystal lost 15 pounds while Andrew lost 22 pounds.

The woman lost 84 pounds and she looks amazing!