13 True Stories Of People Who Have A Ton Of Good Luck.

13 True Stories Of People Who Have A Ton Of Good Luck. April 14, 2020

Some people don’t believe in luck. They feel that any good fortune that comes out of the blue is sheer coincidence. But these folks don’t feel that way, at least not after their experiences. Maybe they had a horseshoe or a four-leaf clover tucked into one of their pockets. Whatever the case may be, these folks had a TON of luck. We all try to do our best to make our day the best one possible, but that doesn’t always work. But when luck comes knocking on our door, we never complain. So, check out this incredible collection of stories. It totally proves that sometimes, all it takes is a single moment to potentially change your entire life.In 2007, she got a call from the adoption agency letting her know that her son wanted to meet her. Well, it turns out that her son was a lot closer than she imagined. 22-year-old Steve Flaig worked at the same Lowe’s store in Michigan that she did.

A man from Tennessee went into his aunt’s attic and discovered baseball cards from the 50s and 60s. In one box, he found a 1948 Bowman set, which was worth $500,000. But all the cards in total were worth over a $1 million.

In 1995, Lena Påhlsson lost her wedding ring while baking. 16 years later, she found the ring wrapped around a carrot in her yard. Her husband, Ola, assumed that the ring must have gone down the kitchen drain and wound up in the compost they used to fertilize their land.

In 2012, She bought two separate lottery tickets using the same number, and would you believe it? She won both times. So not only did Virginia from the state of Virginia win $1 million once, but she won twice, which allowed her to take home a whopping $2 million. Seriously, what the heck?

For Ben Carpenter, this nightmare became a reality in 2007. His wheelchair had gotten caught in the truck’s grille when he tried crossing the road. Carpenter ended up traveling at 50 mph on the highway and the driver had no idea until cops rescued him. Thankfully, he was uninjured.

In 2014, the couple was out walking their dog when they located 1,500 near-mint condition gold coins buried under one of their trees. The coins were old, as in 19th century old, which made their estimated value about $8.5 million.

Bill Morgan was declared clinically dead in 1999 after his body reacted poorly to medication. Twelve days later, he came out of his coma in seemingly perfect health. Afterward, he proposed to his girlfriend, and won a $23,000 car thanks to a scratch-off ticket. Then he won $350,000 from a second scratch-off ticket.

This photo was taken shortly after the typhoon Dujuan hit Taiwan in 2015. Unless that vehicle had some sort of force field, the owner of the car got pretty lucky because that tree could have wrecked it when it fell.

A guy managed to win Super Bowl tickets for life after finding the golden beer can in a box of Bud Light beer. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a ticket, but at least now we know that promotions like this one really are legit.

That key should’ve ended up falling through the cracks, and into the drain pipe. The slightest wind could have caused it to fall down, and then this person would have no way of turning their car on. Lucky for them, fate was on their side and the key stayed in a good spot so they could retrieve it. Ugh, so lucky!

In 2017, Backhouse was tuning a Broadwood piano that was owned by a community college in England. While doing so, he found nearly 1,000 gold coins from a century ago. But since the original owner couldn’t be found, the cash was split and Backhouse and the college each got $350,000.

A Reddit user’s wife won the full 20 on a single scratch ticket. Sadly, they didn’t win $1 million, but $4,000 isn’t necessarily chopped liver either. Besides, with that kind of luck they probably should have considered playing again.

One lucky individual had shredded a receipt, which they later realized was a mistake because they needed it, badly. Well, it turns out that unlike most shredded documents, the valuable information on this document had remained absolutely intact.