We’re Totally In Love With This Unusual Horse Named Tango.

We’re Totally In Love With This Unusual Horse Named Tango. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

A story about a horse who was too dumb to understand barns went viral on Twitter, and now people are tuning in to see his owner’s updates. It all started when a user named @mckellogs made a post on Twitter about a pending snowstorm that was about to hit North Carolina. She was completely dumbfounded to see her loving horse, Tango, lying in the grass or hiding under a tree instead of staying inside the barn where it’s warm. She jokingly said that poor Tango would end up freezing and turning into a horse-cicle if he didn’t understand how barns worked. Now everyone’s hooked and waiting to hear more about poor clueless Tango. This is pure Twitter gold!

A snowstorm was heading toward’s her family’s barn, but instead of focusing on keeping the property safe, @mckellogs’ dad had to build a gate to trap Tango inside the barn.

Tango is such a free spirit, that he doesn’t like being stashed inside a boring old barn. He used to roam free and lie down on the grass, but @mckellogs knew that if he were to try that during the blaze, he’d quickly turn into an ice cube!

@mckellogs posted a couple of shots where you could clearly see Tango blending into the background while everything was covered in snow. He had a perfectly warm barn all for himself, but Tango was fearless.

@mckellogs went on to post another shot of Tango lying on the grass. Apparently, he likes to sleep lying down because he’s too lazy to sleep on his feet, as a normal horse would.

Judging by the looks of it, the grass isn’t always greener or cozier on the other side! Tango’s having the time of his life outside of his barn, so clearly, he’s not much of a barn-man…or horse!

Imagine having to explain over and over again that your horse is just really special and that’s just the way he likes to sleep. And now, Tango is Google Maps royalty, as he’s even been captured by their cameras!

But that’s the least of Tango’s problems. This family must get a lot of crap for leaving their poor defenseless horse out in the rain, but what passersby don’t realize is that Tango seems to be allergic to his super warm and cozy barn.

The Twitterverse may call him dumb, but he’s clearly street smart at least. He suddenly turns into Einstein when it comes to getting some extra snacks!

@mckellogs shared a few snaps of a bored-out-of-his-mind Tango, safe and warm inside his barn. But it took a pretty big gate to keep this fellow from running away!

Seriously, is he like the Elvis of horses? This beautiful creature has accrued a lot of fans around the neighborhood. @mckellogs says that people barging in and confessing their undying love to Tango’s mom is a pretty common occurrence.

Here he is playing fetch and bringing over his food bowl when he feels like he could go for a snack. Seriously, is he part dog, part horse?

Even if his human dad was kind enough to bring him a bunch of grass clippings in order to make it easier on him, he’s not about to let anyone tell him what to eat and where to eat it…even if he’s basically eating the same thing @mckellogs’s dad brought him.

@mckellogs started sharing more and more posts, and people are tuning in to see what Tango has been up to. Seriously, you can’t blame people for loving the horse who’s one fry short of a Happy Meal!

And we’re totally digging how eccentric he is. This Twitter user’s hilarious thread was seen by thousands of people who are now huge fans of Tango too! On her last update, followers learned that her family finally managed to trap him inside the barn and he’s safe and sound during the storm. Let’s just hope @mckellogs keeps sharing updates of the kookiest horse we’ve ever seen!

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