What Guys Find Unattractive In Women But Won’t Tell Us.

What Guys Find Unattractive In Women But Won’t Tell Us. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

The dating world isn’t easy. And since the rise of dating apps, it can be pretty hard to figure out whether a man just wants a casual fling, or they’re wanting to invest time in a more serious relationship. If you don’t want your dream guy to slip away, make sure you keep these few things in mind.

This one just doesn’t apply to women. Personal hygiene is not only important if you want to get into a relationship, it’s also essential for your own health. And believe us, no man is going to want to get too close to you if you don’t brush your teeth or only shower once a week. Sephora is great, we know this, but maybe tone it down just a tad.

If you hear a man saying that he likes women that don’t wear makeup, he’s lying. But by all means, don’t overdo it. Applying some light foundation, a barely there cheek blush, and just a bit of lip gloss goes a long way when you want to accent your natural beauty. It’s okay to put on some mascara and eyeshadow for date night, but other than that, less is more. Getting a gym membership might be a good idea, too.

It may not be the most important thing in a relationship, but physical attraction is definitely important. If you don’t care about your body or fitness, a man will notice this, and won’t be attracted to you. But that’s a two-way street, as well. Think about it, you can’t exactly say anything about his beer belly, if you’re rocking some large love handles. Remember, high school is in the past.

When hanging out with other women, women tend to fall into the nasty habit of gossiping. Men don’t want to hear about your office drama. It makes you look judgmental and petty. It also makes it look like your life is so boring that you have nothing better to do than talk about other people. You should just stop gossiping altogether, for your own good. Are you the type of person that rubs your success in other people’s faces?

Arrogance is a sure sign of someone who is insecure that needs to overcompensate. Thanks to society’s impossible standards of women, they tend to have insecurities. So we can’t blame you if you feel the need to be excessively prideful. But acting that way could cause you to lose the interest of a good man. Being yourself is the best way to go, even if you’re a little insecure. Your new boyfriend doesn’t want to hear about how your ex was in bed.

Even if you’ve gotten into a new relationship, it’s not the easiest thing to get over a past relationship. But your new man is not the person to vent to about that pain. He’ll think that you’re not over the past and aren’t serious about moving on with him. Your girlfriends are the best people to complain to. April Ludgate is not a good role model.

Cynicism is one way we cope with our surroundings. But it’s definitely possible to be too cynical. You’ll make men think that nothing can make you happy, and who would want to be around someone like that? We’re not saying to be overly positive, either. Just be real about the things that bring you joy, and don’t be afraid to express yourself. It’s okay to let your guy off the hook.

Since society has pegged women as the “caregivers,” it’s easy to slip into the habit of being the nagging girlfriend. But acting like your fella is a child that always needs to be told what to do doesn’t help anything. Remember, you’re both adults and a relationship is about being equal. You might want to stop watching the Kardashians.

Soap opera and reality TV are a fine place for drama, but no one with any sense wants it in their life. If your man sees you constantly butting your nose into other people’s business, or starting unnecessary problems, he’ll think that you’re not mature enough for an adult relationship. Don’t act like a teenager. You could be replaced by a doll.

We understand that not everyone is a talkative person. But no one wants to date someone that just sits there, nods and smiles while their trying to come up with something new to talk about. Something in your life has to be worth talking about, so do it. Or your fella is going to get bored with you really fast. Your 80s obsession will finally be of some use.

Unless you work 24/7, you most likely have a hobby. Your hobby doesn’t have to be the most interesting thing out there, but what really matters is that you love it, and you express that. Even if you burn every batch of cookies you make, but you show you love it, your fella will think it’s sexy. Trust us. If you throw temper tantrums, prepare to be lonely.

Healthy temperament is about having self-control. Don’t think that means you have to be a pushover, or agree with everything, but stressing out over every little thing will only hurt your relationship. Having a little patience, and a different perspective, will show that you’re mature enough for a serious relationship. You don’t want to pretend your someone else forever, right?

Women are told by society that looking for a man is the most important thing in life. So it’s not really surprising when women change the way they are to get a man’s attention. But believe us, it won’t last for long. Men will eventually figure you out, and will leave you for being dishonest. There’s no winning there. Not only hippies understand kindness.

Two of the most important values someone can have are empathy and kindness. Being unkind to those around you says a lot about the type of person that you truly are. In order to get respect, you must give it, and not just to the person that you’re in a relationship with. Do you just hear people and not really listen?

Men are taught by society to never show their feelings because that could make them vulnerable. So when a man starts to share his feelings with you, it’s extremely important that you actually listen to what he has to say. Pay attention to him. Make sure he feels heard, and not judged. Let him know that any time he needs to talk, he can talk to you.

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