What If Donald Trump Won The Presidency?

What If Donald Trump Won The Presidency? April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Lately, the discussion of election can’t be avoided. One of the notable figures discussed the most is Donald Trump. If Trump really got the position of president, we might find the update of First Lady as these photos, not always using formal suit. Can you imagine? It’s not that Michelle is less pretty, but Trump’s woman—Melania Knauss and Ivana Zelnickova—are just off the charts.Trump became interested in Melania Knauss in their first encounter in a club a decade ago. Have you ever seen a First Lady pose like this?

Rarely do we see the First Lady in silver, right? Trump’s woman will bring the brand new color of First Lady.

It will be like a fashion show.

What about this beach outfit of Melania?

Melania is no doubt gorgeous. Political discussion will be like a prom.

Black is normal color for politician, but a black bikini?

It’s perfection. We love you, Melania.

Pink is always hot. Indeed.

Wait, but is Cleopatra American?

White is so so. Unless this kind of white

But not related to political issue

Normal blazer. Just, Ivana Zelnickova is so pretty.

Trump’s former wife looks gorgeous over 50.

Rarely see president’s daughter in swimming pool? Tiffany Trump will show you swimming is fun.

Other presidents will be so happy to see her in the meeting.

Because Trump and Ivana’s first meeting was in a club.

Christmas in White House probably will be so elegant.

Normal day in the office will look like an award event.

Oh, okay, Melania will tear off her heels, then.

If people complain her to use heels in the meeting, she will use it in her room instead.

Perhaps Victoria Secret will be a sponsor of some national event?

First Lady uses coats too. This kind of coat.

As Melania will be the First Lady, she expresses her braveness towards problem with red.

All of the staffs will be glad to accompany the First Lady in a lazy afternoon.

Politicians don’t have to wait until lunch break to entertain themselves

Even though she is a first lady, she is also a mom. But wow this mom is gorgeous.

She will just sit, but everybody will focus on her.

First lady will ask you to love animal by her picture. You will find yourself voluntary do.

What if this First Lady accompanies the armies?

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