What Moms And Dads Said On Twitter This Week Is Funny Because It’s True.

What Moms And Dads Said On Twitter This Week Is Funny Because It’s True. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

There’s something fundamentally special about being a young parent today. Perhaps the most special thing about it is the fact that their lives are pretty well-documented on social media. Think about it: You Instagram your twenties, get married on Facebook, and eventually become parents by the steady light of your TweetDeck. By the time I have children, Moms and Dads everywhere will likely communicate with their children and each other using Tweets and Tweets alone. I encourage you now, dear readers, to appreciate the access we have to the thoughts of modern-day parents . They have not only taught themselves *how* to tweet, but have also delighted us by sharing their endless frustration on social media. The parents below have charmingly shared their thoughts about the thankless job of being a parent in the modern age. Leave your support and solidarity in the comments, because these parents need all the help they can get.

ParentNormal Science: Did you know that when a pacifier falls in the dark it disappears forever? — The ParentNormal (@ParentNormal) January 25, 2015

Sleep is overrated and unnecessary.-Kids — Outsmarted Mommy (@outsmartedmommy) January 30, 2015

The start of the kids’ bedtime is like a Thursday at work: excitement that freedom is near, but plenty of work to do before it’s official. — Hot Breakfast (@amydillon) January 30, 2015

I love the “work at home” option on snow days. 6yo plays the boss, 7 portrays the annoying guy in the next cubicle, & 14 is the lazy intern. — Domestic Goddess (@DomesticGoddss) January 27, 2015

Why all the bitching about the snow day? We’ve already played Legos, playdough, watercolored, read books…OH GOD IT’S NOT EVEN 9AM HELLLLP — Amy Shearn (@amyshearn) January 27, 2015

One kid threatening to punch us in the face, the other wont stop running and dancing. So, yeah, bedtime’s going great here. — Will Goldstein (@willgoldstein) January 29, 2015

Let’s take a moment of silence for all who are home w/kids during #Snowmageddon Let us pray Red Cross gives free alcohol to those in need. — Martinis & Minivans (@martinisandmini) January 26, 2015

Found out my son has been wearing the same socks and underwear for three days. Glad he’s going green. — No Idea: Daddy Blog (@byclintedwards) January 29, 2015

Since Boston got all our snow, can they take all our kids who are off school? — Kristen Chase (@thatkristen) January 27, 2015

At what age do kids go from asking you for answers to everything to knowing everything themselves? — John Willey (@DaddysinCharge) January 29, 2015

I’m sorry you’re breaking up [static sound] I’m about to go through a tunnel. Dad, we’re right in front of you Uh….. go ask your mom. — Simon Holland (@simoncholland) January 26, 2015

Anyone who says family dinner is the root of healthy development in kids has clearly never tried feeding mine. #misery #stress #hysterics — carly kimmel (@carlykimmel) January 26, 2015

My 4yo can’t remember what snack was at school today, but he can repeat word for word everything I said about you on the phone 6 weeks ago. — Lurk @ Home Mom (@LurkAtHomeMom) January 29, 2015

My kids finally hate that Pharrell song. NOW I’m happy. — The People’s Goddess (@ShoutingGoddess) January 28, 2015

First kid: We have two hours to be at the park! Last kid: We have ten minutes left to stop at the park! — Kathy kissingthefrog (@lifewiththefrog) January 26, 2015

4-year-old: What happens when we run out of Cheez-Its? Me: We go to the store. 4: What if the store is out? Me: 4: Me: We pray. — Exploding Unicorn (@XplodingUnicorn) January 27, 2015

Most of parenting is just spelling words out loud. — OneFunnyMummy (@OneFunnyMummy) January 28, 2015

Whining doesn’t make it feel better, but I’m going to keep doing it anyway because I’m not a quitter. – my 10 year old — Stella G. Maddox (@StellaGMaddox) January 26, 2015

CHECKLIST: [] Are you warm [] Did you eat breakfast [] Not that sugary kind, real breakfast [] Be kind to others [] Yes even your brother — CAMSHAFT MOTORTEETH (@boymonster) January 28, 2015

The hardest part about being a parent is pretending like you know what you’re doing. — Sammy Rhodes (@sammyrhodes) January 30, 2015

“You’re not the boss of me”, I whisper under my breath, as I make 4 different lunches for my kids. — Sarcastic Mommy (@sarcasticmommy4) January 28, 2015

My kids just played together for 30 minutes before a fight broke out. If you need me, I’ll be on the phone with Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. — Paige Kellerman (@PaigeKellerman) January 28, 2015

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